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Mike Maples (@m2jr), founding partner at Floodgate, joins Lucas Bagno (@lucasbagnocv) and Ian Cinnamon (@iancinnamon) to discuss:
- Why there has been an “epidemic of fakery” in society over the last 50 years or so. Mike says that institutions are pretending to be working rather than doing actual work.
- Why the right “angle of attack” for societal problems is not head-on but rather to create something completely different than changes the subject entirely.
- Why he advises founders to make sure they are working on an idea that is worthy of their time and why as a founder you need to “get out of the present and start living in the future.”
- How Silicon Valley can have more empathy and make the case for broader prosperity.
- How to build connection and shared purpose in an American society that is increasingly tribal.
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