Reinventing American Manufacturing: Katherine Boyle (a16z), Josh Wolfe (Lux), Chris Power (Hadrian)


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Chris Power (@2112Power), founder and CEO of Hadrian, Katherine Boyle (@KTmBoyle), partner at a16z, and Josh Wolfe (@wolfejosh), co-founder and managing partner at Lux Capital, join Anne Dwane and Erik Torenberg on this episode to discuss:
- How Hadrian is abstracting the supply chain for space, aerospace, and defense manufacturing, and how it is analogous to AWS and Twilio in the software world.
- Why Chris is the right person to tackle this problem. He wants to do this for geopolitical and moral reasons and also has the ability to get into the weeds on a micro level.
- How tech can help people move into higher-skill jobs and how it can increase the total number of jobs in a given field.
- How COVID has made people realize that the world is no longer post-nation state nor post-borders.
- Which policy changes the US government can make to advance its position in the world, technologically and otherwise.
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