Hello. How are you? (beginners)


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If you are a total beginner, my advice is simple. Listen and listen and listen. The more you listen, the better your pronunciation and accent will be later. But listening comes first.
And a warning: English spelling is NOT phonetic. If you try to read English before you listen, you will create problems for yourself. You will pronounce words incorrectly and you will probably develop bad habits.
Listen first. Listen a lot. You'll thank me later.
1. Hello. How are you?
2. I’m fine, thanks. How are you?
3. Very well.
4. Hello, how are you doing?
Very well, thanks. And you?
I’m doing great.
5. What’s your name?
6. My name is Martin. What’s your name?
7. My name is Maria. And this is my friend, Carl.
8. Glad to meet you, Carl.
9. Pleased to meet you.
10. A pleasure to meet you.
11. Where are you from?
I’m from Colombia. And you?
I’m from Mexico.
12. I’m from the United States.
13. I’m from France.
14. I’m from Canada.
15. I’m from Spain.
16. I’m from Venezuela.
17. I’m from Costa Rica.
18. What languages do you speak?
19. I speak Spanish and a little bit of English.
20. I speak French and German.
21. I speak English and I’m studying Japanese.
22. I only speak Spanish. I want to learn English.
23. I only speak French. I’d like to learn English.
24. Good luck!
25. Here’s a short conversation. Listen and listen and listen before you try to repeat.
Hello. How are you?
Fine, thanks. And you?
I’m doing very well. Where are you from?
I’m from Spain. I live in Barcelona. And you?
I’m from the USA. I live in Boston.
Do you speak Spanish?
Not yet but I want to learn it. You speak English very well.
Thanks. I’ve studied it for many years. [I’ve = I have]
I recommend DeepL for translation.

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