Phrasal forms of COME - part 2 (intermediate/advanced)


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More practice with phrasal forms of the verb to come.
21. Come round = visit
She told her mother she’d come round and visit after work.
22. Come round = recover consciousness
After the boxer was knocked out, it took a while for him to come round.
23. Come round = change one’s opinion to the generally accepted one
It took him a year to come round and agree that Trump was a crazy liar.
24. Come over
What came over you last night? You were acting like an idiot!
25. Come out with = make, produce, publish
Our company comes out with a new line of clothing every six months.
26. Come out with = say something surprising
She is very outspoken. She comes out with the strangest things.
27. Come out of = develop from something, based on
His novel came out of his years fighting in the Viet Nam war.
28. Come out in = be afflicted by
What symptoms does he have? A fever, and he’s come out in red spots on his chest and face.
29. Come out = express one's opinion in public
All the epidemiologists have come out in favor of the Covid-19 vaccines.
30. Come out = leave, exit
The police told the man to come out of the house with his hands up.
31. Come out = be taken out of, deducted from
Various state and federal taxes come out of my pay every two weeks.
32. Come out = to tell people that you are gay or lesbian
Last week she came out as being lesbian and introduced her girlfriend to her family.
33. Come out = end up
Cinderella has a lot of problems but it all comes out okay at the end of the story. Of course!
34. Come out = published
My new book about Donald Trump comes out next week.
35. Come out = be discovered or revealed
He always looked very poor but last week it came out that he is a millionaire!
36. Come on = make a romantic or sexual advance
That tall skinny guy was really coming on to Susie at the party last night.
37. Come on = encounter, come upon
Imagine my surprise when I came upon my friend Louisa drinking coffee at a cafe in Paris!
38. Come on = make progress
Your American accent is coming along nicely. Well done!
39. Come on = start, appear on television
I can't go with you. My favorite TV show just came on.
40. Come on = encourage
Come on, Stephanie! One more lap to go! [Stephanie is in a swimming competition, for example.]
41. Come off = happen
Did that trip to Berlin to visit your uncle ever come off?
42. Come off = to succeed
She made a short animated film and it came off quite well. Lots of people liked it.
43. Come into = be a factor, play a role
He is a multi-millionaire, but his money didn't come into my decision to marry him.
44. Come into = inherit money
After her grandfather passed away, she came into a huge fortune. She was set for life!
45. Come in = finish a race in a particular position
John came in 93rd in the Boston marathon.
46. Come in = function in the correct manner
My pocket knife always comes in handy when I have to open a box.
47. Come in = begin transmitting
Moonbase, this is Houston calling. Come in, Moonbase. Do you read me? Over.
48. Come in = join in playing music
The two violins start the piece, and the piano comes in after four measures.
49. Come in = have a strong enough radio or tv signal
Several local radio stations come in very well at my house, so those are the ones I listen to most often.
50. Come in = become available
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