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I took Ollie for a walk in the dark earlier this evening. Some of our neighbors have Halloween displays in their yards. I learned that Ollie does NOT like zombies in the dark. Several times seeing human-like figures he started to growl and once I thought he was going to attack one of the zombies. It's good that he wants to protect me...
But now back to the world of phrasal verbs. In this podcast we'll study some of the forms of the verb put.
1. Put up with (tolerate)
My little brother plays drums and it’s really hard to put up with all the noise he makes.
2. I don’t know how you can put up with your neighbor’s dogs. They bark all the time!
3. Put up (erect or build)
Last summer we put up a new wood shed behind the house.
4. Our town put up a new elementary school a few years ago.
5. Put up (raise)
“Students, please put up your hands if you wish to ask a question.”
6. Put up (Allow someone to stay briefly)
Martin had no place to sleep, so we put him up at our house for a few days.
7. Put up (Hang on a wall, install)
We put up some new bookshelves in my bedroom.
8. She put up some small posters of her lost dog.
9. Put up (Raise something so it will be ready to use.)
John put up the hood of his jacket when it started to rain.
10. “Quick—let’s put up the tent. It’s starting to snow!”
11. Put up (contribute money)
We asked Bill Gates to put up a million dollars for our tree-planting project. He wasn't interested.
12. Put together (assemble)
I bought a radio kit but I don’t know how to put it together so it's still in the box.
13. My daughter’s new bicycle was easy to put together.
14. Put away
He put the tools away in his tool box. (Return something to its usual place.)
Or “He put away his tools after he finished working.”
15. The killer was put away for life. (Put in prison for the rest of his life.)
16. I put away some money from each paycheck. (Save some money.)
17. My father can really put away pizza! (My father eats a lot of pizza when we have it.)
18. Put back
We put the meeting back for two days. (Postpone)
19. I put the knife back in the drawer after lunch. (Return to its correct location.)
20. We put the clocks back an hour in the fall. (Set the clock or watch to an earlier time.)
21. We put the clocks forward an hour in the spring. (Set to a later time.)
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