From Opportunity Taker to Opportunity Maker - Special Guest: Matt Buckwalter of One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning


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In today’s show, we are putting Matt Buckwalter in your passenger seat to discuss opportunities. Matt’s story is one of both seizing the opportunity presented to him and in turn providing opportunity to others. Matt grew up in humble means in the town of Lancaster, PA and found his way into the trades through a fortuitous meeting. Starting his career in HVAC as a comfort advisor, Matt quickly found his stride and a love for the industry. Advancing into a GM role in California, Matt gained not just leadership training but life experience that prepared him for the next step in his journey. Returning to Lancaster, Matt was presented with the opportunity to gain ownership in the company that first presented the opportunity to him. This “circle of life” you might say continues to drive Matt’s interest in providing opportunities to others. Matt talks about his story, his growth in leadership, and his successes and failures as he continues to strive to provide people with a desire for more the chance to take the jump.

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