Get Yourself Moving! - Special Guest: Ivan Cholakov of Jacked Dads and Spartan Dad Project


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In today’s show, we are putting Ivan Cholakov in your passenger seat discussing how staying fit and eating healthy can have big impact on your future career. Ivan immigrated to the United States from Bulgaria in 2012, as a certified strength and conditioning specialist and nutritionist. As creator of the Spartan Dad Training Program, Ivan personally coaches many individuals in person and online to get fit and healthy. Ivan talks to us on the show about how losing weight and exercising can have big implications for the home services professional. Additionally, we discuss how stress can have dire effects on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And since there is no shortage of heavy lifting in the trades, Ivan also discloses some helpful tips on making sure your body is prepared for your career. Ivan both preaches and lives a healthy lifestyle and talks to us about his goal of one million transformations on this latest episode.

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