EP6 The Sass, Behind SaaS and FinTech with Founder Chase Harmer


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This is the edited edition of a live conversation on Fireside.

I've been in DTC for 27 years and have seen credit card processing evolve from the wild west, to extremely costly and difficult to qualify for, to now sign up instantly with Stripe.

Fintech is exploding and the key to seamless growth is having a handle on the backend, but what if you could make money at the same time as you process?

ProfitPay.io is a one-stop solution that I personally find fascinating and highly recommend. Here's why they say they are different:

We make internet companies More Money, Redefining traditional finances to create a more profitable future.

ProfitPay is the first globally connected Fintech marketplace, unifying Banking & Business without borders. The sum of our people’s talent and experience is what makes ProfitPay a unique, innovative, and reliable company.

ProfitPay’s all-in-one Online Travel Portal fulfills Sale to Supplier in one integration that protects your payments, processes worldwide, and fulfills with our Virtual Card API for your online travel company under your companies descriptor!

Teaming up with ProfitPay allows you to focus on your business, scale, and raise profits through our real-time payments and virtual cards.

contact: Chase@profitpay.io


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Hosted and Produced by Wendi Cooper

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