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Welcome! Where's the Beef was created Live on Fireside in front of a studio audience. This is an edited version from the original due to audio feed latency. My guest and I discuss what it's really like in today's culture to be a Founder in a new consumer category.

But first, LONGEVITY (the category) has the possibility of becoming the next big consumer category. A lifestyle focused on prevention and regeneration. However, as the industry is nascent it requires education and curation for the consumer to trust these new companies and technologies.

MYKIGAI intends to fill this gap as a discovery and recommendation platform focused on this.

FOUNDER LAURA MINQUINI takes us through her journey from branding executive to start-up Founder in a new category, Longevity. Having volunteered at retirement homes and hospitals, MYKIGAI’s founder Laura Minquini, discovered the paradigm of aging is less than ideal. Looking at how to make a difference in this area; from socialization to purpose, she quickly realized that a real way to change things is prevention. Longevity medicine and technology offer this opportunity. “Let’s Talk Longevity instead of aging”. Visit Fireside app in the apple store - or save your space here:


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