WIP 1126: Reviving a Dead Deal - Case Study On a $40k Novation Deal that Almost Went Bad


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Are you struggling to revive leads that seem impossible to re-engage? Well, fear not because on today's episode, we'll be sharing some strategies to help you turn those bad leads into big fat paychecks!
Unlock the secret to reviving dead leads and start gaining a competitive advantage in your market by listening to Todd Toback as he shares, step by step, how he closed a $40,000 novation deal from the ground up.


Show notes:

  • (0:50) Beginning of today’s episode
  • (2:00) A novations deal case study
  • (4:04) You don’t sell to cash buyers under novations. You sell it to retail buyers
  • (6:28) Typically, novations don’t work that well with properties that are already listed
  • (6:54) Sometimes buyers will back out but don’t let temporary setbacks hold you back! Keep going
  • (7:58) Get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations



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