WMDP Ep 16 - Fail Fast


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In this podcast, Ken Shamrock talks about old-school No-Holds-Barred days. Des W Woodruff talks about the need to actively take advantage of the current job market and have the tenacity to thrive. Ken shares how he wants to be remembered when he dies. During ‘Story Time with Ken,’ Ken tells a story about a Tough Man competition he entered when he was only 19 years old—when he was bouncing at a night club. The “World’s Most Dangerous Podcast,” hosted by UFC Hall of Famer and 4-time Heavyweight World Champion, Ken Shamrock, and his savvy business partner, and entrepreneur, Des W Woodruff. The World’s Most Dangerous podcast is where MMA and pro wrestling meets business. A podcast where combat sports and entrepreneurial opportunities collide. It’s a dangerous podcast with projected discussion on many socially unacceptable topics, such as religion, sex, politics, and almost anything taboo.

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