EP#64: Data and Digital Strategy Intersections


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The new federal government has made the performance of the Australian Public Service a priority. A key part of this is the capacity of public servants to acquire and manage data and to effectively identify and adopt new digital technology. To deliver on those improvements, it is integral for those in digital and data to work together. This has been evident over the last couple of years, to deliver COVID-19 vaccine statuses and case numbers to the public in a timely manner.

In this episode, we are joined by National Data Commissioner, Gayle Milnes and Chief Executive Officer at the Digital Transformation Agency, Chris Fechner. Listen as they discuss how they work to increase the use and availability of Australian Government Data.

Discussed in this episode:

· How the DATA scheme works.

· The role of data sharing across government in the COVID-19 pandemic.

· Digital transformation in the Australian government.

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