WWF: The Legacy Series - Summerslam '88


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Join mizfan and Mystic as we cover the historic first edition of Summerslam, the last of the big 4 to come into existence! A tag team main event with major consequences is on top, as the powerful pairing of Hogan and Savage face off against the Million Dollar Man and Andre the Giant himself. We're also treated to the PPV debut of one of the best big men of all time, the Big Boss Man taking on the always underrated Koko B Ware, Jake the Snake battling it out with Hercules, a major tag battle between Demolition and the Hart Foundation, as well as the British Bulldogs, Rick Rude, a surprise opponent for the Honky Tonk Man, and much more. We dig into the surprises of the night, both then and now looking back, and deconstruct the narratives of this era of the WWF.

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