How to use fantasy consistency as a statistic to build a better team


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Sick of using precious starting roster slots on players that do nothing for thirteen weeks out of the year but then pop off with two or three monster performances? Yeah, us too.

Andy Behrens is joined this week by Bob Lung, author of the Fantasy Football Consistency Guide to talk about Bob's work measuring consistency and how to build a better roster thanks to those insights.

At the top of the show, they kick around some small news items regarding Jamison Crowder renegotiating his final year with the New York Jets, Laviska Shenault potentially taking on a new role in Jacksonville, Nick Mullens moving onto the Eagles and whether UNC rookie running back Javonte Williams could be the Week 1 starter in Denver.

For the bulk of the show, they talk about Bob's Consistency Guide, which positions are more consistent than others, what consistency to expect out of rookies and which highly consistent players are undervalued heading into the 2021 season. (11:30)

In the final segment, Bob talks about the upcoming Fantasy Football Expo in Canton, Ohio later this summer and his experiences driving around legends like Al Davis in his time working with the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (31:30)

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