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When a woman is found dead in a luxury hotel room in Oslo, Norway, it initially appears to be a suicide until several pieces of evidence begin to suggest otherwise. She has no identification. She registered at the hotel under a false name. There was no blood on her hand or the gun that killed her. No one even reported her missing. Who is this woman? Was she murdered? Could she have been part of a secret intelligence operation? Twenty-five years later all these questions, and more, remain unanswered. "Death in Oslo" is the second episode of Unsolved Mysteries, Volume 2.

In this episode of You Can't Make This Up, our host Rebecca Lavoie (Crime Writers On...) speaks with Unsolved Mysteries series executive producer and director of "Death in Oslo", Robert Wise. Rebecca will also dive into conversation with her husband Kevin Flynn (Crime Writers On...) as they discuss their reactions to this episode.

Loyal fans of Unsolved Mysteries might remember these words from the late and irreplaceable former host of the show, Robert Stack, “For every mystery, someone somewhere knows the truth. Perhaps that person is someone listening. Perhaps it’s you.”

If you have any leads on what might have happened to the unknown woman in Oslo 25 years ago, go to to share tips, or to learn more about the extensive amount of other mysteries covered by the series. Note to listeners: This episode contains spoilers. So make sure to watch the entire episode before listening on. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our guest was recorded in his home and not in a studio. We appreciate your understanding.

Stay tuned for our next episode on Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 2, " Death Row Fugitive."

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