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This week Brandi and Tish break it down as Wells is away on his honeymoon. Tish is thrilled to be here because she loves sharing all her fave things, and apparently now she loves love. She even proposes her own dating website where she helps others find a love like hers, and Brandi reminds her that it should probably be an app because websites are dead. Brand-eye is on a struggle bus trying to hold this episode together, while Tish is high on life and then some. Brandi offers a deep dive in to House of the Dragon, while MT takes a quick nap. Tizzle bounces back better than ever and serves the YFTers her Dear MT and Baked Goods segments. They play some voice notes from the YFTers, then Brandi has a few words to say about The Bachelorette (specifically, Zac). The two take us out to their most favorite songs from Noie’s new album. Next week, we’re back to your regularly scheduled programming. Bye!

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