ISO setting, it's buttons, significance in photography & documentation


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The exposure triangle is formed by 3 settings namely shutter speed, ISO & aperture. In our previous podcast we discussed about shutter speed
7 how to control it. In this episode we will discuss about ISO, its buttons, how to control it and its significance. We will also see how ISO affects images in general as well as dental photography.
The problem with discussing ISO buttons is that they are located at different places in different cameras. This difference is fairly constant in Canon cameras which is why I LOVE CANON for its camera design consistency. However in Nikon ISO button is very differently located and sometimes even absent. I've tried my best to incorporate about ISO buttons of some of the biggest players in camera world namely Canon, Nikon,Sony, Panasonic & Fuji in this podcast.
There are tips for what must be the best ISO settings for dental photography as well as general photography. Do share the podcast with your friends if you find it helpful !!

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