277 - Prostitution: The History and Morality of Sex Work


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What, EXACTLY, is “prostitution”? How is it defined? Are prostitute and sex worker interchangeable terms? Why are most prostitutes women? Why are most clients men? Where does prostitution occur around the world? What is sex tourism? How does it harm? How does it help? What should the government’s role be regarding prostitution? Should it be legal or not? What do sex robots have to do with the future of prostitution? These are just a few of the questions we try to answer today with a particularly thought-provoking topic choice picked out by our Patreon-supporting Space Lizards. Also laying out a big timeline of the history of prostitution around the world starting in 2400 BCE. From the ancient civilization of Sumer all the way to every nation on Earth today - we humans have been having sex for a long time (the whole time!) and for ALMOST as long, people have been paying for and selling sex.
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