BONUS EPISODE: The BRUTAL & RAW Truth About Indie Filmmaking with Darious Britt


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Today on the show we have director, producer, screenwriter, actor and YouTube sensation Darious Britt I had the pleasure of meeting Darious at the Mammoth Film Festival. At the festival, we were snowed in and pretty much stuck in our hotel. We sat down and talked for hours about indie film, his journey, my journey, the state of indie film, fear, setting goals and so much more.
I knew I had to have him on the show to talk shop. What you are about to listen to is a DEEP DIVE into the psychology of a standard indie filmmaker. We break down the brutal and raw truth of what it takes to make it in today's world.
We also discuss how to build and engage with an audience. His amazing channel D4Darious is a MUST for any and all filmmakers. I've been a fan of his work for years. I love his approach and teaching style. Here's a bit about the man.
He attended film school at the University of Arizona and graduated in May of 2012 with a bachelors in Media production. He toured his short film “Seafood Tester” to four international film festivals including the Oscar-qualifying Aspen Shorts fest in 2012.
Darious created the youtube channel D4Darious, in August of 2013 and it has since grown to over 340,000 subscribers and over 10 million views in five years.
He has toured his first feature film “Unsound” on the film festival circuit screening at over 20 international film festivals, winning 7 awards including best director at The Pan African Film Festival in 2015. He loves telling stories and helping other filmmakers learn the craft to reach their highest potential as storytellers.
Now I warn you, this episode runs nearly two hours but I promise you it will be worth it. I lost count of how many knowledge bombs went off in this episode. Prepare to get your mind BLOWN and enjoy my conversation with Darious Britt.

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