Ep. 681 - The Gray Man


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David, Jeff, and Devindra discuss the brilliance of Players, the chilling nature of X, and the sweet slow burn of For All Mankind before diving into the medium pleasures of The Gray Man.
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Weekly Plugs
David - A Cast of Kings: Dispatch from the House of the Dragon premiere
Devindra - Engadget Podcast on who owns Dall-E’s AI Art
Jeff - cameo.com/jeffcannata
Shownotes (All timestamps are approximate only)
What we've been watching (~19:22)
Jeff - Vengeance, For All Mankind S2, Players season finale
David - X, Players Season Finale, Jack Ryan Rewatch: The Sum of All Fears, Clear and Present Danger
Devindra - For All Mankind S2, Catching up on Better Call Saul S6, X
Feature (~1:02:30)
The Gray Man
Spoilers (~1:22:00)

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