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I'm Kathy Hopkins and am full of anxieties. Even so, it would be no fun to go fetal in a corner whilst becoming Crazy Hermit Lady. With a nervous stomach (and rambling. plenty of rambling.) I'll explore different anxieties (sometimes with guests) and ways to deal.



A stands for Acrostic! N stands for Neurotic! X stands for [footage not found]! T stands for Thisbitisweak! I stands for I'm not going to finish this bit! Hey fuck-os. Listen to this manic slurpy mess and avoid real therapy.
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After an intro regarding the passing of Robin Williams that was reported during the recording of this episode, Larry and I delve into how filmmaking has seemed to change over the years and how he prefers to stretch the boundaries. Appropriately enough, we also discuss humor as a tool to cope with sensitive topics. Donate to the indiegogo campaign a…
In which I discuss the anxieties of attempting to finance the indie film To Find A Monster with producers Joshua Porter, Matthew Donaldson, and Amelia Belle, and actress Alanna Ubach. We discuss also their reasons behind wanting to create this 80's love letter of a film about two boys wanting to become the youngest horror filmmakers ever.…
I realize my content hasn't had nearly enough depth lately, so in this episode I discuss my thoughts on it and my plan going forward. Perhaps I have been afraid to get into details with guests for certain reasons, and maybe have been avoiding things rather than procrastinating. This is me going on record about working on all of that.…
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