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L’émission Dossiers Bizarres est une nouvelle émission produite est coanimée par Tristan Brunet-Dupont et Jason Lévesque.À chaque épisode, les deux animateurs exploreront avec vous des dossiers étranges et inexpliqués autant dans le domaine du paranormal, du cosmos mystérieux, des lieux historiques et des dossiers criminels non résolus.
Le Bizarreum est un média écrit, vidéo et sonore autour de la thanatologie, l'étude des sciences qui gravitent autour du sujet de la mort. Archéologie, anthropologie mais également funéraire contemporain se retrouvent dans ce média créé par Juliette Cazes.
Tony Thaxton explores the weirder side of music, celebrating and telling the story behind those strange albums that make you wonder how and why they exist. Doing deep dives on albums released by pro athletes, actors, fictional characters, and more. Support this podcast:
Bizarre Tales Podcast

Bizarre Tales Podcast

Paranormal - Cryptozoology - Ghost stories - Mysteries - Hauntings - UFO's

Join hosts Lee, Dan and Finchy as they cover stories on the paranormal, ufo's, ghosts, cryptozoology, mysteries, strange history and personal paranormal stories. The guys will also include some great interviews and listeners real life stories of the strange and paranormal, If you have a story for the show please send them to Thank you for listening.
Bizarre Buffet

Bizarre Buffet

All you can eat weird!

Bizarre Buffet explores the macabre, unusual, and the extraordinary aspects of people and life....but with a great sense of humor. Hosted by Jennifer Wilson, Marc Bluestein, and Mark Tauriello, together they explore the fringes of society and feature special guests from all walks of life. Morticians, cursed fashion designers, paranormal survivors, and more! This is an all you can eat oddity buffet in a podcast.
Do you love a good mystery? Are you hopelessly interested in true crime? Do you spend hours on the internet each week researching weird and obscure stories? If so, we invite you to check out our brand new podcast: Bizarre and Facinating Details. During this weekly podcast, Sarah (lawyer/writer) and Darcie (PhD student in Biomechanics) will talk about all of those scary, provocative, and insane details that keep you up at night. Don’t miss this wonderful combination facts, first hand accounts ...
Kurly's Bizarre Barcast is based off a bar atmosphere where content creators can drink, meet others, and discuss table topics. Cast members enjoy a drink or two throughout the show. As the show proceeds, the topics get wilder! The Barcast is streamed live at on Wednesday nights Video Versions: Support this podcast:
News, Health, Science and Stuff In between. BizarreReporter, BizarreNurse, and BizarreTeacher present you with no BS, straight talk on topics. The stuff you want but don't get from mainstream media! Add in a little bit of humor, a tad bit of conspiracy and you're sure to enjoy the show! Support this podcast:
Hi, I'm TroytlePower and I don't really know what JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is but people keep talking about it so I'm going to watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure on talk about it on this podcast, TroTro's Bizarre Adventure!
An open, honest and personal podcast to share and explore recovery, spirituality, addiction, metaphysics, the unknown, philosophy, self-exploration, psychology/human behavior, mysticism... I'm simply starting out with my personal story and interviewing guests who share gained knowledge by their experience and expertise from philosophical, metaphysical, religious and practical viewpoints. • Please subscribe and rate this podcast • Thank you! Peace and Love, A.
L’aventure suit l’histoire du professeur Layton et de son assistant, Luc, à la recherche de la solution au mystère de la Côte d’Or. La Côte d’Or a été cachée dans le village de Saint-Misère par le baron Reinhold qui a promis dans son testament à celui qui la retrouverait son trésor le plus cher. Téléchargement gratuit sur
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Pour cette grande finale et 30e épisode de la saison 4 nous avons décidé de gâter nos fans pour les remercier de leur support depuis le début avec un Programme Double! Tout d'abord dans la première partie Tristan nous amène dans des eaux scientifiques, philosophiques et mystiques tout en même temps en nous posant la question "Est-ce que la Terre (G…
Another pride month pick - this time an anime centered on two trans kids: Wandering Son. From ~10 years ago, no less. We also talk about Rocko's Modern Life, Batman, The Powerpuff Girls, "metrosexual," and the parable of the prodigal son. Rate us nicely on Apple Podcasts Support us on Patreon Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to us on YouTube Join the…
Welcome to another episode of Believing the Bizarre. This week, we discuss past lives. Have you ever found yourself personally connecting to a different time period? Or, have you heard stories about children remembering specific details about people they never met and places they've never traveled...only to be completely accurate? We explore many t…
Sometimes, after releasing episodes, new information comes my way about some of these albums and I want to pass that on to you as well. But as usual, I’m not here to make fun of them, I’m here to celebrate them and tell their story. This is Bizarre Albums, REMASTERED. Support the show: Follow the show on Twitter & Instagra…
Bloody Mary is a child's horror game, played in the dark while staring into your own dark and gleaming eyes... perfect for a sleepover. But it does have some messed-up origins. Join us for this episode that was originally uploaded to our Patreon. Twitter & Facebook: @macabrepedia Instagram: @macabrepediapod Email us at: S…
Furries are people who have an active interest in animal characters with human characteristics. These characters are often created by the community members themselves, who take them on as a “fursona” (an alternate persona) who interacts with other 'fursonas' in the community via roleplaying and art. Follow Bizarre Buffet Online Support Bizarre Buff…
today I'm going to tell you about the my favorite poltergeist cases which I first discovered as a young boy the Enfield Poltergeist Hey guess what , Bizarre Tales now has its very own you tube channel called Bizarre tales ,please head over there and check it out , like , subscribe is the link…
Also the Birmingham community support info is here: Community Grief Support Court document: FLDS sect limits sex to 'seed bearers' | CNN…
Welcome to Chapter 4 of our England's Haunted Counties series, this week we look at Buckinghamshire, remember you can let us know what you think of the show and get involved by sending us your stories to If you want to help us out here is our Tip jar link big thanks Our Shop:- https://bizarretale…
Introducing: Citizen Detective from AbJack Entertainment Citizen Detective is a new true crime podcast from AbJack Entertainment, the same network that brings you The Murder in My Family, Missing Persons, DNA: ID, Scene of the Crime, and Zodiac Speaking. Citizen Detective is hosted by Mike Morford (Criminology Podcast, The Murder in My Family) Naam…
A fact you are not ready to hear, and many more questions on the 172nd edition of Kurly's Bizarre Barcast! Streamed live at Video Version: Friends in this Episode: Ziggy_Buckets ► SmokedByASloth ► SabotageSweetie ► https://twit…
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