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Tales of the Texas Rangers, a western adventure old-time radio drama, premiered on July 8, 1950, on the US NBC radio network and remained on the air through September 14, 1952. Movie star Joel McCrea starred as Texas Ranger Jayce Pearson, who used the latest scientific techniques to identify the criminals and his faithful horse, Charcoal, to track them down. The shows were reenactments of actual Texas Ranger cases.


Radio Nostalgia Network

Welcome to the Old Time Radio Scifi , From its earliest time, radio has always been interested in Science Fiction. There has been science fiction on the radio since before Buck Rogers in 1932. Radio SciFi characters leaped into your living room as the listener would be taken on an adventure into time and space each week. Join us each week as we explore the unknown universe of science fiction only on the Old Time Radio Network.
Radio Ognjišče vse od prvega dne misli tudi na najmlajše poslušalce. Radi jim prebiramo zgodbe, z veseljem pogledamo v Sveto pismo, širimo obzorja s Šmarnicami in bogatimo domišljijo s pravljicami, ljudskimi in umetnimi zgodbami. Vemo, da ima pisatelj George Martin prav, ko pravi: "Kdor bere knjige, živi tisoč življenj." Skrbno izbiramo, prijazno prebiramo in iskreno vabimo: prisluhnite podcastu Zgodbe za otroke. Bere Jure Sešek.
I play a variety of Old Time Radio shows (OTR) from the golden age of Radio. I have a large library and try to play dramas, comedy, science fiction and theater. Feel free to like and comment on my podcast. I also post my email for direct feedback. Commercials do not equate to endorsements. Politically incorrect portions of a show are not intended to offend anyone. All shows are in the public domain. Enjoy I am on Podbean, Google, Amazon music, Podcast Attic, Spotify, Apple, TuneIn, iHeart, P ...
Detective OTR

Detective OTR

Old Time Radio DVD

Old Time Radio Network Detectives Stories, continues America's love affair with private eyes. Each week we give you "Just the facts" with all detective and cop shows. We will listen to Dragnet, unraveling another murder mystery, Richard Denning and Barbara Britton in Mr. and Mrs. North telling the story of intrigue. Crime dramas include Treasury Men in Action, Dick Tracy, Sherlock Holmes, Broadway is My Beat,Night Beat,Richard Diamond, Boston Blackie, and The Adventures of Sam Spade.
Old time Radio broadcasts from otrnow.com.We feature all types of Old Radio programs from our growing collection of over 50,000 shows including comedy, mystery, drama, serials, news, adventure, game shows etc. Many of our shows are reprocessed for the best sound quality possible and because our collection is so vast you will hear programs you won't hear anywhere else.
Radijska igra za otroke je žanrsko raznolika. Giba se od personifikacij do umetniške pripovedi. Ta radiofonska zvrst je nadgradnja pripovedovanja pravljic, torej kompleksnejša zvočna oblika, ki pri najmlajšem poslušalstvu krepi slušno senzibilnost, abstraktno mišljenje in nagovarja njegove notranje svetove. Po večini je namenjena starostni skupini 3+ do zaključka druge triade OŠ oziroma dopolnjenega 11. leta starosti.
Frontier Gentleman is different from other radio westerns in that the story centered not around some colorful character out of the old West, but it is about a foreigner. An Englishman who came to America to experience firsthand what it is like to live in the still wild and untamed frontier. As the series goes on, we’ll find that Kendall is as good with a gun as he is with a pen.
Otra forma es un podcast sobre impacto social. Charlamos con personas que se animan a desafiar los modelos tradicionales y probar nuevas maneras de emprender, de vivir su profesión y de pensar proyectos. Personas reales, haciendo cosas geniales, enfocadas en la innovación socioambiental. Encontranos en instagram.com/otraformapodcast
The #1 most popular Jack Benny and OTR Podcast on the internet! Listen to the most talented actors and comedians in radio history, new audio intros on many episodes. Every week we are celebrating the episodes that are exactly 60, 65, 70 and 75 years old from 1953, 1948, 1943, and 1938! Come get a ton more podcasts from my website. Tell me what you think at buckbennyotr@gmail.com
Hopalong Cassidy A western that was greater than The Roy Rogers Show or Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch. Hoppy was a hero to one and all. He and his sidekick, California Carlson, roamed the Southwest in thrilling stories week after week. Almost every tale had a little mystery in it, and almost every story ended with Hoppy’s boisterous laugh. Clarence Mulford, the author of the Hopalong Cassidy stores, created a hard-fisted, rough and tough cowboy, nowhere near or like the lovable Hoppy of the movi ...
The best OTR from my favorite genres; noire, western, drama and more. I typically post Monday through Friday in the AM US mountain time. If no new posts are done then I'm probably on vacation. Also, check out my online radio here, now up 24/7!
Have Gun Will Travel was a popular American Western television series that aired on CBS from 1957 through 1963. It was the #4 show in the Nielsen ratings in its first year, and #3 for the next three years. It was one of the few television shows to spawn a successful radio version. The radio series debuted on November 23, 1958. The show followed the adventures of Paladin, a gentleman-turned-gunfighter played by John Dehner on radio, who preferred to settle problems without violence, yet, when ...
Aquí voy a compartir información acerca del Alma y su Contacto con otras Realidades, la Vida más Allá de la Muerte, Guías Espirituales, Portales Dimensionales, Vidas Pasadas, Almas Gemelas Y Parejas Karmicas, Ciudades en otras Dimensiones, Viajes en el Tiempo, Trampas del Karma, Espíritus Elementales de la Naturaleza, La Vida en Cuarta Y Quinta Dimensión, Fenómenos Paranormales y muchos temas más. Web Oficial: http://www.frecuenciasdelalma.net
Celuloide, la otra perspectiva, donde se explora el cine y sus derivados en un programa donde puedes descubrir algo nuevo, diferente o curioso que ver. Transmisión en vivo los sabados (somos el podcast errante). Puedes encontrarlo en Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, etc. Síguenos en Facebook, Twitter e Instagram. Background Banner Image by starline on Freepik: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/collection-film-strips_1050256.htm
Money Talks: El otro lado de la moneda

Money Talks: El otro lado de la moneda

Walter Buchanan, CFA, Luis Gonzali, CFA & Francisco Vázquez, CFA

Un espacio creado para discutir y desmitificar temas relacionados con finanzas, mercados e inversiones. Luis Gonzali, CFA, Walter Buchanan, CFA y Francisco Vázquez, CFA platican sobre los temas más relevantes de la semana (Jam Session) y con invitados especialistas en distintos sectores para entender mejor lo que pasa en México y el mundo (Money Talks).
¿Cómo saber si la información económica te oculta lo importante? ¿Qué es lo relevante y qué es lo accesorio? ¿Qué hay debajo de una superficie en la que solo se ven dudas, miedos e incertidumbres? El desafío es entender para no confundir, descubrir para no engañar, en definitiva, mirar de otra manera lo importante de cada día acerca de lo que sucede en el fascinante mundo de la economía política. La invitación es que te arrojes sin prejuicios a escuchar "Otros ojos". Puede ser que así la ven ...
The Cisco Kid was a popular film, radio, television and comic book series based on the fictional Western character created by O. Henry in his short story, “The Caballero’s Way,” published in 1907 in the collection Heart of the West. Films and television depicted the Cisco Kid as a heroic Mexican caballero, although in O. Henry’s original story he was a non-Hispanic character and a cruel outlaw probably modeled on Billy the Kid. The Cisco Kid came to radio October 2, 1942, with Jackson Beck i ...
This podcast offers hope for people who suffer with Depression/Anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Bi Polar, PTSD, Dyslexia and other mental health conditions. We have interviews with ordinary people that share their stories of recovery. We also have experts and coaches that offer techniques on how to achieve mental health for real. I think there is a lot of information, help and hope on the voyage home. Write me at overtherainbowbob@gmail.com Or follow on Twitter @Overtherain1bow https://twitter.com/overth ...
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Jon Kruger shares his over-sized, flat-bed adventures and some great tips for making life easier over the road. He even has some wisdom to share if you are interested in becoming an owner operator. He is a mechanic so he shared some of his experiences fixing the truck road-side--saving money on repairs and trying to make the most of the opportuniti…
The faster trucks go, the faster items are delivered, the more money the driver makes, and the less pissed 4 wheelers are. Seems like logic to many besides those worried about safety who’ve never even driven a truck before. In this episode, the team talks to owner operator Gail Brautigam to get her take on the speed limiter mandate and talk about t…
En ésta ocasión haremos un recorrido por algunos de los trabajos de ésta bellísima y talentosísima actriz, así com un poco más de su vida y carrera. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monica_Bellucci Películas Seleccionadas Dobermann (1997) [En Páginas Corsarias... ¡Arrr!] Memory (2022) [Prime Video] Passion of the Christ (2004) [Star+] [En Páginas Cors…
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