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Racconteremo nel dettaglio alcuni dei crimini italiani più famosi e celebri la cui ricostruzione, anche a distanza di anni, non è ancora chiara. Cercheremo di fare chiarezza sulle ricostruzioni più agghiaccianti di omicidi che hanno sconvolto l'opinione pubblica italiana. In tutti questi crimini il colpevole non ha confessato e non esiste la certezza assoluta della colpevolezza degli indagati. Dpen Crimini vuole indagare le profondità più oscure dell'animo umano.
Ti è mai capitato di fare un salto prima di dormire? perché viene la pelle d'oca? Come si sviluppano le resistenze ai farmaci? cos'è la Celiachia? In questo podcast si parlerà di Medicina e cercheremo le risposte ai suoi grandi perché. Le domande degli ascoltatori saranno indispensabili allo sviluppo del palinsesto, quindi non esitare a commentare gli episodi. Ogni martedì su Dpen.
My DPC Story

My DPC Story

Maryal Concepcion, MD

As the Direct Primary Care and Direct Care models grow, many physicians are providing care to patients in different ways. This podcast is to introduce you to some of those folks and to hear their stories. Go ahead, get a little inspired. Heck, jump in and join the movement! Visit us online at mydpcstory.com
THIS IS FOR YOU, YOU ARE THE ONE...GOD IS RAISING WARRIORS, DREAMERS, VISIONARY. , KINGDOM INVESTORS LIKE YOU. In every situation OF LIFE, there is HOPE if you keep going be a fighter to Fulfill your Divine Assignment 🔥KEEP STANDING IN the GROUND OF FAITH AND FIRE OF GOD 🔥GOD IS RAISING YOU IN JESUS NAME. 18007579733 MIRACLE PRAYER LINE DIRECT 19258760293 CONFERENCE Line 16054754120 access code 5550222 / https://anchor.fm/tita6 / https://youtu.be/Ls1z307bTlM Please CLICK and DONATE WEBSITE: ...
"Leben heißt Veränderung" ist der Podcast der Deutschen PsychotherapeutenVereinigung. Er wendet sich an approbierte Psychotherapeut*innen und solche die es werden wollen. In den einzelnen Folgen erzählen Kolleginnen und Kollegen, welche Antworten sie auf aktuelle Fragen gefunden haben und sie teilen ihre Erfahrungen. Es geht um den Berufseinstieg, die vielfältigen Arbeitsfelder und die Veränderungen durch die Digitalisierung. Wir von der DPtV wollen mit diesem Podcast den Erfahrungsaustausch ...
This is DP24 Radio 1, your safe place for focus, inspiration, love, and motivation online this new normal, better normal from Dasmariñas City, Home of the #ParuParoFestival, in time of recovery and reintegration. Life and inspiring stories, religious/spirituality blocks, and news updates are aired here to regain confidence, faith, love, and hope. It is produced and edited by DP24 Media.
Guerilla gaming podcast. The largely unedited ramblings of a philosopher, game theorist, GM and tabletop RPG creator. There’s a Discord! https://discord.gg/qhD6Nt6 To leave me a message on Anchor, go to: https://anchor.fm/dave-aldridge. Alternatively, contact me @d_percentile or dpercentile@gmail.com. dpercentile theme by TJ Drennon, who has an awesome patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/TJD. Playout track is an excerpt from ‘Ztlaw’, from the album ‘With My Broken Fingers 2’, used by permi ...
We are Paul and Dan: The D and the P of the DPCast. We are here to double penetrate your ears with our strange sense of humour as we discuss an array of topics such as films, gaming and life in general. Download, listen, comment, rate and review, we want to hear from you! Follow us on Twitter @DPCastPodcast Find Paul @Paul_DPCast and Dan @DanDPCast You can also subscribe to the DPCast Podcast YouTube page by following our links below.


Davide Patella

I'm going to be talking about discrimination around the world but especially in Canada and the United States and how it is bad for the children of today. Also i'll be talking about what I learned from two videos I watched about people being rejected because of their physical appearance.
Palla e Zap. Aspirante professore e aspirante dottore. Stanchi dei podcast che parlano per ore del nulla. Dpen approfondisce temi di attualità, senza farvi perdere tempo e strappandovi un sorriso, sempre guardando al futuro.Ci conosciamo da una vita, ma non siamo d’accordo su nulla. Il bello è questo. 20 minuti, due volte a settimana, per ridere, pensare, riflettere e sentirsi meno soli. Gli ingredienti ci sono tutti, ora tocca a voi.
The DP and ME podcast is an eccentric little show starring Downphoenix as well as regularly rotating special guest, where we take a deep but lighthearted look at the world of video games. This show is for the old schoolers.
These are new product announcements from my main website (Open 24/7/365). We have a life-time warranty / guarantee on all products. (Includes parts and labor). Here you will find a variety of cutting-edge Surveillance and Security-Related products and services. (Buy/Rent/Layaway) Post your own comments and concerns related to the specific products or services mentioned or on surveillance, security, privacy, etc.
J&DP Experimen👉🏾 Welcome World to the J&DP Experiment. This channel contains EXPLICIT CONTENT relationships drama, urban culture and more. So get ya wine and lets TALK! Have you ever wondered what happens to your inner self when you turn 30? Well .... lets just say some of us are born Petty and are Petty for life. Welcome to the Family Ya'll!!! Like & Subscribe and come along for the ride!! Where shit is what it is 💁🏾‍♀️ For visual to my animation😂of this podcast im now on Youtube☺️
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Our guest on this week's podcast is cinematographer Learan Kahanov. Learan talks us through his latest work with director Kevin Smith on his film Clerk 3 as well as his latest in the network television and episodic worlds. It was great hearing about the process behind switching from larger budgets to more constrained projects and what carries over …
Mandy Capehart joins host DP Knudten for a surprisingly deep conversation about how her focus on restorative grief is not only helping the people she serves, but enabling her to create an intriguing personal brand—all around something most don’t want to talk about. ++++++ The NONFICTION BRAND podcast is hosted by DP Knudten and a variety of special…
This is for you for such a time like this.Never underestimate the power of your seed wether it is time , money or relationship, you take care of sowing and God will take care of growing. Always do your best now what you plant now you will harvest. https://www.titamaya.com 18007579733. GIVING https://www.PayPal.me/houseofhope217 Please share and Sub…
In this episode we discuss how the Alcohol Law Enforcement Division is combating the use of fake IDs across North Carolina. Listen as Special Agent Brian White details the devastating consequences of fake ID use and underage drinking, as well as how outlets that sell alcoholic beverages can assist in stopping this trend in their communities.…
Who owns culture? This week Zi and Vindesh once again explore the cultural appropriation movement. Dr. Rob Hoffman, an acupuncturist and professional musician joins us briefly this week. They discuss how this movement may have started and why the boundaries are often blurry. Zi explains why cultural blending is an important phenomenon and how it he…
Episode 101: Dr. Buzz Hollander of Iris Integrative Health - Waimea, HI Dr. Bzzz Hollander, a western-trained physician, broke barriers when he and his wife, a naturopathic physician, opened Iris Integrative Health as the first DPC in Hawaii back in 2016. In today’s episode he shares about how they transitioned from accepting insurance to being ins…
Hey everyone and welcome to episode 247 of DPad experience recorded Friday, September 30th Intro – Whatcha been up to? Rick – Not much Rob -Fortnite, Fifa 23, NBA2k23, Super Animal Battle Royal, Sampled Valkyrie Elisieum Tommy – GT7, The Quarry Bernie – Elden Ring, Arceus DPad Discussion Rob vs Tommy Sports Puck So, what’s in the news Cyberpunk 207…
On the show today we are chatting with cinematographer Alicia Robbins about her latest work on the Netflix Series "Keep Breathing". Alicia shares her approach to preparing for the shoot, explains how the camera and lenses helped her achieve her goals, and lays out how her style has evolved from project to project. I appreciated her sharing the real…
This week Zi and Vindesh are back to discuss the correlation of diet and mental health. A healthy diet doesn't just pertain to what we eat. Zi shares his thoughts about current health trends and why we are already in crisis. It's important now more than ever to source our food and we must also be mindful of the relationships we nurture.…
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