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The Park An African Story produced for Community Radio. Written and read By Richard Mark Nicholls The story teller concept was developed for the music show on the Beat, where I was head of production and the producer the man behind the control desk. I have had an interest in sound from a very young age and my love for Radio and Music goes as far back to when Could not pronounce the word Radio.
Written and read for Community Radio By Richard Nicholls Every week I would Write a selection of Poems or a short story. The Items would be alternated or mixed. This Item was known as Poems on the Couch. Watch this space for BAND NEW CONTENT COMING SOON!!
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An African Story Started Out as a Radio segment and is now available as a podcast for young and old to enjoy. Written and read by Richard Nicholls.Mr +1 is soon to have his sister with him and he is concerned about the past relationship they have had over the years.Av Richard Nicholls
Short Stories and Poems formally Poems On the Couch for Community Radio. Written and Read By Richard Nicholls For Podcasting.On The Line up The Fly about the relationship that man has with this insect master of the sky. The Mamba In house!Av Richard Nicholls
Written and read for community Radio For Vinkel En Koljander for Short stories on the Couch Part of Poems on the Couch. By RM Nicholls Join me for the second installment of The old house and the man that lives there! send your Comments to the Producer to Look forward to hearing from you. Keep listening.…
Written and Read by Richard Nicholls for community radio formally known as Poems on the Couch. Please send Your comments to The line up is as follows:- The long Road, Leaving Home ,Me and social Media, When at Work, Be respectful, Out for supper.Av Richard Nicholls
Written and read By R M Nicholls for community Radio. On the line up is the following:- That big dog, Birds sing, The Frogs, Children at Play, The Wind, Music the language of the world, Time, Cartoons, Hot summers. You can Contact the Producer By at e-mail poemscouch@gmail.comAv Richard Nicholls
Written and read by RM Nicholls formally for community Radio in Pietermaritzburg South Africa. The Following is on the line up:- The Bus trip, The seasons, The ants in my house, The storm, The picture on the wall, Our town, Sunlight Soap, We Need Rain, A good roast Lamb. Please sent your comments to The music under my voice was…
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