Song Gifts from the Holy Spirit


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My wife, Eva and I, Vic Zarley, are songwriters. We each had written many songs before we met each other and continued to write songs once we were married. After our marriage, we found that often God would use each of us to write a song together. I would be working with the guitar on some interesting chord progression while humming, thinking, "Where did this come from?" and Eva would stop me and say, "I've got lyrics. Play what you were doing again." Often the lyrics are practically dictated to her by the Holy Spirit, coming faster than she can write. And then, to God's glory, a song would be birthed. Truly a gift from the Holy Spirit. This Podiobook is a bit different from any of the others I've produced as it incorporates three of our songs into each episode. You will hear how each song got its life, what each song means to us, and, when applicable, the life lessons present in the lyrics. These songs were written by myself (Vic Zarley) and/or Eva Zarley. Most of these songs have been uploaded to and you can get to our material that way as well by searching for Vic and Eva Zarley. Every song is available through Creative Commons licensing and can be downloaded and enjoyed at no charge. We pray that you are blessed as you journey through these 12 episodes exploring 36 of our songs, as we share their stories and related inspirations then the actual songs themselves. The theme song is by Vic Zarley. The coverart is by my brother, Karlan Zarley, with much appreciation! Produced and narrated by Vic Zarley.

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