Medical Error, CANDOR/candor, and Patient Advocacy


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First Healthcare Compliance hosts Kathleen W. McNicholas, MD, JD, CHC, CCEP, Consultant and Patient Advocate with Medical Legal Patient Advocacy Inc., for an interactive discussion on “Medical Error, CANDOR/candor, and Patient Advocacy.” Dr. McNicholas will review medical error and provide an approach to harmed patients. The CANDOR program of Communication and Optimal Resolution will be explained. CANDOR is well established and has been successfully adopted by many medical centers. With CANDOR in place, patients may benefit from the use of the principles and the help of a board-certified patient advocate.

This audio version of the webinar will cover the following objectives:

1. Understand medical error

2. Describe approach to a patient harmed by error

3. Define principles of CANDOR and candor.

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