The History of the Australian Startup Ecosystem


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What will the new economy look like? As startups become the new way of life, Australia must become more open and less restrictive to encourage innovation. Hear entrepreneurs' firsthand accounts of their journey and learn what that has meant to the startup world. This podcast will give you a great insight into Australia’s innovation ecosystem by tracing its history and future. If you're curious as to how it all started, who were the innovators that helped transform it, and how this ecosystem interacts with others both domestically and around the world- this is a must-listen! This 6-part audio documentary and its accompanying 150+ interviews is a deep dive into the startup scene, both past and present and takes an exciting look at the future of Australia’s technological and economic transformation. Join us on this exciting journey, celebrating what has been accomplished and asking hard questions about where we’re heading and whether we’re on the right track. Sign up for the newsletter at and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. This series is made possible thanks to our sponsors & partners. Major Sponsors: MYOB, Amazon Web Services Standard Sponsors: UTS Startups The Guild of Entrepreneurs Western Sydney University's LaunchPad Canberra Innovation Network Curtin University CSIRO University of South Australia LaunchVic The Office of the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur ANSTO Newcastle University's Integrated Innovation Network The University of Adelaide's ThincLab Flinders University's New Venture Institute UNSW Founders UQ Ventures James Cook University Partners: Startup Daily Fishburners Spark Festival Spacecubed Stone & Chalk River City Labs This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podsights -

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