Forbidden Diary: True WWII Prison Survival Story


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(NEW! You can now binge all of Season One without the recaps and epilogues. Go to Audio-drama based on a WWII diary written by Natalie Crouter during her internment in a Japanese prison camp in the Philippines. Three weeks after the first bombings of the Philippines on December 8, 1941, Natalie, her family, and 500 civilians were marched at gunpoint to a deserted U.S. military post (Season One: 1941). Thus began their survival story of body and mind from 1942 to 1945. Under the watchful eyes of Japanese guards, the prisoners set up their own society while constantly scrounging for food—often with help of heroic Filipinos who risked their lives. Each new camp commandant was harsher than the previous, except one. And it was with this remarkable Japanese officer that the prisoners found common ground. Natalie’s diary is a fascinating, real-life view of wartime captivity and a gripping tale of courage, tenacity, and hope.

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