#9994 Meeting Protestant Challenges - Karlo Broussard


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What are the differences between Protestant and Catholic belief? Karlo Broussard responds to common Protestant challenges. Questions Covered: 14:39 – How do you counter when a Protestant says that John 6 is just analogy or metaphor? They say, that sounds like cannibalism, that’s crazy. 22:03 – How can we respond to Protestants about Jesus having “brothers” and Mary being a perpetual virgin? Why do we pray to saints and not go straight to God? 33:25 – On Catholic radio, I have heard a lot about where people go after they die: heaven, hell, Sheol, and purgatory. In Scripture, it seems to me to be more clear cut: heaven or hell. How do you respond to this? And what is the second death? 39:42 – I am married to a Protestant woman. She won’t go to Mass with me because she can’t receive the Eucharist. How can I talk with her about this? 44:20 – My husband says that because Catholics believe that the Eucharist is the body and blood of Christ, we are sacrificing him again and again. How do I respond? 49:25 – If Christ’s atonement was for all people, then why do people still go to hell? …

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