#9984 Eugenics & Assisted Suicide - Stephanie Gray Connors


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There is a profound problem in the world with assisted suicide and eugenics. How can faithful Catholics help to oppose these issues? Questions Covered: 28:48 – I am a survivor of three attempted suicides and I am really glad assisted suicide is not legal by me, because I probably would have used it. 32:33 – Pro-choice people seems to use nomenclature that obfuscates the truth. How can we speak plainly in clear language about these life issues? 35:20 – I am a legislator in North Dakota. I just heard a bill on assisted suicide and was able to defeat the bill. I think it was crucial that we had the right arguments so that we prove that a bill like that was just wrong. 47:00 – I see people not wanting hospice care because they see it as assisted suicide. How can we differentiate in those difficult end of life situations what is proper hospice care and what is ending a life earlier? …

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