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0 (11s): Good morning guys. Hi. Hello, Mike. Hello? Hello? Hello. Hi guys. Welcome to church today. If you don't already know, today is a new Sunday. They call it like the youth takeover, I guess, but yeah, so I'm Levi. This is one of our youth bands for a Wednesday. Yeah, let's let's stand in worship. 0 (14m 5s): Lord. Thank you for this day. God, thank you for your presence in this building. God, I pray that your word would flow through Jeremy and Tyler today. God, that you would speak through them to us. God, that your Holy spirit would be full in this place. God, Jesus name. Amen. And so I guess now is the time you guys are supposed to talk to each other. 1 (14m 40s): Hello 0 (14m 41s): And welcome to harvest church. I am not wrong. She is not wrong and she's definitely not wrong. I am Brecker. Wait, I'm a junior at ADHS. 1 (14m 52s): I'm Olivia Hunsicker and I'm a seventh grader at Paulding middle school. And I am Emma Irie. I am a sophomore at HHS, 3 (15m 5s): These gentlemen, and my often forgotten, but not my me crazy people. Welcome to harvest church. We are so glad you're here. Whether online or in-person we're just so happy you're here. If you want information about upcoming events, we have our info center up the Hill. If you are new here, we also have a gift for you. Also at that info center up the Hill. 1 (15m 27s): Today is family Sunday. Every fourth, Sunday of the month is family. Sunday students first grade and up will be in services with their families. We serve donuts in celebration of family Sunday, each month. We'll be sure to grab one after service. In addition to family, Sunday today's youth takeover day. Students are helping out in various places, greeting or shift team kids, ministry, serving donuts, and even bringing the announcements. We are looking for a few morning. People who are willing to get here bright and early to brew coffee for our church services. 1 (16m 8s): If this is you sign up at the info center today, 3 (16m 14s): Our man, and if you are in junior higher, older, we have the men's breakfast coming up May 1st at 8:00 AM. We will be having breakfast. It's free. You don't even have to sign up. You just show up and you get a free breakfast right here. 8:00 AM May 1st 1 (16m 32s): Spring and summer life groups session kicks off in may. Week. Groups are a great way to build relationships and grow in your faith. In Jesus. We have home groups, men or women's Bible studies, young adults, or young professional groups, a golfing group, yarn club, and even seminary classes. Grab a flyer available at the info center or at the welcoming tables in each venue and plug get plugged up into a grip on April 30th. We have a lettuce worship night at 6:30 PM on the end of grand Avenue. It is a SOC Shaun flight worship event. And we'd love to have you there. And now I welcome pastor Ron, up to the stage for our baby dedications. 3 (17m 19s): Good morning. My name is Ron. I'm a senior at a rug high school, and this is youth takeover day. I qualify. I would like to invite up front. We've got three families that are going to be dedicating a child to the Lord today. So I'd like to invite the Wade family up. If you guys could kind of take a spot right over here, the Wade family, and then the sailors get to be kind of right here in the middle. And then over on this side, we're going to have the Sutherland family. So go ahead and find your spot. I always find that baby dedications is one of my favorite, favorite things to do. 3 (18m 1s): And I'll explain why in just a minute. All right, good to see you guys. Okay. I've got a dedication certificate already for you. So I'm gonna go ahead and hand that to you. And this one goes to you and there you go, Maggie. Okay. So what I want to do first is introduce these families to you. So over in this side, we've got Tom and Kelly Wade and their little one is Lyford grant Wade. They go by leave. He goes by leaf and leaf was born September 20th, 2020 in San Louis Obispo, handsome young man. 3 (18m 41s): And here we've got Tom and Kelly Wade and their little one is 2 (18m 49s): Over here. We've got Tom and Kelly Wade. How'd they get up here twice over, 3 (19m 2s): Over here. We've got Cody and Emily's sailors and their little, little one is Judah. Dellbot. They say that right. Dealt with Delbert sailors. And he was born November 23rd, 2020 in San Luis Obispo. Okay. See if I get the third one right over here, Jeremy and Maggie Sutherland. And of course we've got Elsie and Posey and their little one is Winnie Mae Sutherland and she was born February 17th, 2020 in San Luis Obispo. All right. 3 (19m 42s): So dedicating our children to the Lord is really about parents dedicated dedicating themselves to the Lord. First, in fact, Jeremy's going to talk a lot about that in his message this morning. And it's making a commitment to raise our children in what the Bible describes as the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Another translation, the new living puts it this way to raising our children in the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord. And so these families have chosen to be up here today and because you are their church family. And so child dedication is really about making a commitment to us. But of course, to the Lord that we're going to, we as families, as those of us who have the honor and privilege of raising children are going to do it to the best of our ability as God gives us the ability to do so. 3 (20m 33s): There's an interesting verse in Psalm one 27. Let me get back over here in the middle Psalm one 27 beginning with verse three, it says children are a gift from the Lord and they are a reward from him. So we recognize that that children are actually a gift from God and, and a reward. And so therefore all the kids that we have, however many, one or a dozen are all meant to be a gift and a reward from the Lord. And so as parents, how is this done? So raising children is certainly an uncertain thing for sure, but God gives us some instruction. 3 (21m 13s): So from Deuteronomy chapter six, beginning in verse five, God gave some instruction to the people of Israel and we can glean from it as well. It goes like this to parents. He says, you must love the Lord, your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength. And you must commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these commands that I'm giving you today. Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you're at home, when you're on the road, when you're going to bed and when you're getting up. So the idea is parents, first and foremost, as I mentioned earlier, is our responsibilities have a relationship with God. And he's the one that helps us so that when we communicate to our kids about him and about the things that God has for them in their life, they're, they're getting a real life example from mom and dad and I've found, and Jeremy is going to talk about this again, too. 3 (22m 6s): If, if they're not seeing the reality of our relationship with God in us, first chances are they won't follow that instruct. They want emulated. So it needs to be first and foremost seen in mom and dad. So again, Proverbs 22, direct your children onto the right path. And when they're older, they will not leave it. All right. So I'm going to ask a series of questions to the families here. And if you would just respond as I ask you the question, just say we will. And I think, I think there's seven questions. I'm not really sure 4 (22m 39s): We will. Yes. 3 (22m 42s): However many I asked. All right. So this is to moms and dads. Will you commit to raise your children in an atmosphere of love and discipline, knowing that the best hope for a healthy childhood is one of unconditional love and clear biblical standards. Okay. Second question. Will you communicate? Sorry. Will you commit to communicate to your children? The necessity of placing their faith in Jesus Christ when they're at an age of understanding their personal need and the significance of Christ's sacrifice on the cross. 4 (23m 21s): Okay. 3 (23m 24s): Will you commit to pray often for your children asking the Lord to accomplish his plan and purpose through your children for the glory of God? This is probably the toughest question of all. To be honest, when your child is at an appropriate age, will you commit to release them to follow God's and purpose for their life? Yeah. And finally, last question. Will you commit to humbly place your trust in God, cooperating with him as he accomplishes his plans and purposes in your family? 3 (24m 4s): All right. So I have a couple of verses here. So the first one is going to be for four leaf. The verse I have for him is Jeremiah 29 beginning with verse 11. This is what it says for, I know the thoughts that I think towards you leaf says the Lord, the thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a future and hope. I have a verse for Judah, Judah, you paying attention. Okay. You can, you can, you can watch the archive online. Okay. And this is Philippians one six. He who has begun a good work in you. Judah will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. 3 (24m 49s): And then Winnie, I call her Winifred. That's not actually true. Am I the only one that does that? Okay. All right. You and me Winifred winning, sorry. Philippians two 13. This verse says for it is God who works in you Winnie both to will and to do his good pleasure. All right. So what we're going to do as a group right now, and whether you're here in the sanctuary or in the loft or in the shop area or online, we're going to pray for these families. Okay. All right, Lord, we lift up leaf to you and Judah to you and Winnie to you. 3 (25m 33s): Lord, we pray that out of, at an early age, they would come to know you as their Lord and savior that at an early age, that we would just have this profound awareness that you are, that you are God, that you are the one who's leading and guiding, directing their family and mom and dad, and, and Lord that just at a very young age, that would make that decision and that they would walk with you from the beginning until the end. And so Lord, also, we pray for these families or that you would give them wisdom as parents to parent well, to lead their families. Well, and Lord, we know that it's, it's an imperfect process of being a parent and raising children. But Lord, I trust we trust. 3 (26m 13s): We pray that you would give them each wisdom, knowledge, discernment along the journey. So it, as a pour into their kids, the result would be awesome. Solar. We commit these families to you. We just thank you, Lord, that you are with them guiding and directing to every step along the way in Jesus name. God's people said, amen, amen. You guys can all sit down now and, and I'm going to turn things over to Jeremy over here. God bless you guys. Thank you so much. 5 (27m 9s): Good morning. Isn't this sweet time. Family is amazing today. We, we, we do that today. We celebrate and we honor the fact that it's all about the family. My hope this morning, as we, as we just peruse through scripture, we'll just be barely skimming the top, the surface. But I want to, I want to show you from, from big time, beginning, from time to time end, it's all about the family of God. So today we celebrate families and first grade and up are in. And I know sometimes it gets a little loud. It gets a little, you got to settle them down. You've got to give him something else to do some distract with that is okay, because in the end, these, these young minds and these young hearts are going to see the way that their parents and their grandparents to worship God. 5 (28m 2s): And that's going to stick in their mind. Maybe even more than anything I'm going to say, or the preacher says, they're going to see the way that their parents sit under the word of God and hear the preaching. And it's, that's going to be such an impression. So I pray today brings just refreshment to your soul, a wind to your sales and oxygen to your lungs. Let me, let me pray this morning. As we jump in Lord, we thank you for this precious gift. This thing called the family. And it was from you, Lord. You are the designer, the creator of families, of marriage, of parenting Lord. And so we look to your word right now to, to, to instruct us, to give us instruction, to show us how to live and how to do these things that you've called us to do Lord. 5 (28m 51s): So pray to the Lord that you would just fill us with your spirit this morning, show us from the word of God, open it up to us in Jesus name. We pray. 2 (28m 57s): Yeah, 5 (29m 1s): Hopefully you aren't getting tired of backpacking analogies. I know that's been the theme of these past few weeks. It's excited to see yesterday. I took, well, two days ago, I took my daughters backpacking for the first time. My other one, not my, not my youngest daughter, right? But my six year old, my eight year old took them backpacking for their first overnight. Or we went about a mile in and it was just a great time. And, and along the way we had to kind of, I had to encourage them just a little bit. And that's kind of the way we start out these trips. Right? Years ago, I saw on the internet, a picture of this rock cliff. And it was what the author described as an old Chumash camp. 5 (29m 43s): And he was very vague in his, in his directions of how to get there. In fact, he was stayed away from telling people where it was because he didn't want people going there and defacing anything, ruined anything. He wanted to kind of keep it a very hidden spot. Buddy, 4 (29m 55s): Show these pictures of this hidden to mash camp. 5 (29m 59s): When he went there, there was this rock cliff, and there was a waterfall that was spilling down in this little lush, little, little, almost garden in the mix of these rocks. And I thought, I want to find out where this is. I want to go there. So for about, and this is, this is 10 years though. So for the last eight, 10 years, I've been tracking down trying to find out where this place is. I know it's in our local back country. I know it's out there. So I've been wanting to 4 (30m 24s): Find it well. About three 5 (30m 26s): Years ago, a friend of mine, I started asking him some questions. I found out he was a backpacker and said, Hey, do you know where this camp is? I started to show him some pictures. He's like, Oh, I know where that's at. Let me show you on the map. So you put a P you put a little dot on my map, where it was. And so in the back of my mind, I'm like, I gotta get that one to find this place. This place looks incredible. And so I had this map, I looked at, I know the store, I know that the, what did the trail involves as far as well, elevation climbs and its rivers and all this stuff's going on. I had a very good picture of what it could be like, but I hadn't put my feet on the trail. I hadn't taken those steps. 4 (31m 2s): So we 5 (31m 4s): Started hiking up that way with the youth that, that went from our team or from our 4 (31m 9s): Took 17 students 5 (31m 12s): Leaders and just had a phenomenal time in the back country. Some of them were first-time backpackers. Some of them had a little bit experience, but all, everyone just joined on the trail. And we, we took a, we went up about 6.8 miles 4 (31m 25s): Up the Hill. And 5 (31m 29s): Even with all the vision and all the like, Hey, this is all the hype of where we were going. It's still in the middle. You can start to see the students' eyes start to get lost. You can start to see I'm like, what am I doing this for everyone? It started out with those great intentions. We're going to power through this. We're going to make it there and no time. And then you kind of get in the middle and you realize, Oh man, there's Hills and there's rocks. And there's rattlesnakes in the bushes, literally rattlesnakes in the bushes, 4 (31m 59s): The tree 5 (32m 0s): Dusty. I didn't, I didn't know. It'd be such a hard climb. My Paxter is starting to weigh me down. And you start to see this look on the student's eyes, halfway in where they're like, well, I can't go back out. And I'm like, there's only one. Oh, like, what do I do? 4 (32m 15s): I tried 5 (32m 16s): To bring a little vision, try to bring a little encouragement. All right, students, this is what we're gonna do. You're gonna, you're gonna stand up in the back. 4 (32m 21s): Okay. I know it. I know that weights kind of crashing your shoulders, but let's just stand up in the pack, 5 (32m 27s): Allows your lungs to get the air that you need looking up. Instead of just looking at the trail below, you allows you to, to see more around you. So just focus on the trail and the hardships there. It's like, Oh, look where we are. Look at the vastness 4 (32m 40s): That's around us. And they push on every single student, made it up 6.8. 5 (32m 47s): Wow. It was a tough track, but we made it. And I think that's what family has been like. That's my analogy. As a family has been like that through this year. You know, our family, we had Winnie right before COVID hit. And my wife, knowing that we're going to have a baby soon decide. It's probably a good time to put our kids in charter school. So she's not only homeschool. And so let's put both kids in charter school, the older kids in charter school. So I get a little reprieve. My wife gets a little reprieve throughout the days. So we put them in charter school two months in and then boom COVID hits. And now my wife has a brand new baby. She's trying to keep live. That has a bunch of food, intolerances and stuff. So there's a hardship. There's now she's homeschooling. 5 (33m 28s): Now we're trying to do all this. And it was just a year that just felt like that pack was just starting to weigh us down. And I think a lot of families felt that this, 4 (33m 37s): And it's 5 (33m 38s): We look up and we see, okay, God has a purpose for the family. Let's, let's see what this vision that God has for purpose. Let's fill up our lungs with this, this, this vision, what the Lord has for us. And let's go from there. Let's 4 (33m 51s): Push on. God 5 (33m 54s): Has a special purpose of, of his plan of redemption through the family. Family is used 301 times in the Bible, old Testament and new Testament family is used 301 times. And I thought that's not fair. That's a lot, 301 times in the whole of all scripture. But then you start adding into that. All the other aspects of family, father, mother, children, sons, daughters, adoption, all these, these things. And you start there. There's a multitude of plethora verses out there in the Bible that would deal with family. So today we're only going to scratch the surface, but fathers and mothers are not replaceable. Never will be, God has set them in place. So we start in this morning in the family and the garden family in the garden from Genesis chapter one, and God gives a design and pattern for his first family for this beginnings 4 (34m 49s): And 5 (34m 49s): In his own image and likeness, he's going to create them. We as humans are imagers of God, we bear God's image. And it's one of the reasons why 4 (35m 1s): This year has 5 (35m 2s): Been so hard for me. I like to see faces. I like to see the image that God has given to each and every one of you. And when those things are covered up, it's like, Oh, we're missing out on something. We're missing that. We are imagers 4 (35m 13s): God. As one 26, 5 (35m 17s): 27, it gets the ball rolling. God says, let there be, let us make man in our own image, according to 4 (35m 25s): Our likeness, 5 (35m 28s): Let them have dominion over the fish of the CEO of the birds, of the air and over the cattle and over every UN over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God, he created him, male and female. 4 (35m 45s): He created them. 5 (35m 47s): Now my daughters found a bunch of little creeping things along the trail. I found a lot of fat, a couple of snakes found some lizards that they want to take home with them, but weren't quite able to catch. We found a toad in the Creek and they want to take that home too. But we decided it might be best to keep that little critter there in the, in the car 4 (36m 5s): Creek, because 5 (36m 9s): All those animals are amazing and wonderfully made. But yet there's none like, like God who 4 (36m 14s): Us in our, in his own image, you know that 5 (36m 21s): A lot of people who doubt Genesis narrative as they put it as it's something that well, it's, it's a nice story. 4 (36m 34s): Let me tell you what I believe. And I still, 5 (36m 38s): And a little different sometime. I didn't mention this first service, but I believe in a young earth creation, I believe that the Bible is the infallible and errand authoritative and sufficient word of God for us, that these are just stories that these are histories And that when God takes Adam and Eve, he didn't take something else that was already there. You know, he took Adam from the dusty earth and he created this man in his own 4 (37m 3s): Image and then a woman. 5 (37m 7s): And I realized that sometimes that thought that thinking seven sets myself away from other youth, even other Christians, even others, 4 (37m 16s): Christian universities or higher critics. 5 (37m 21s): I think that I, and I go back and I said, okay, well, this is what I believe, but is that true? Is this, does this true? Is this true? 4 (37m 28s): And what do I 5 (37m 29s): Really believe? And what do I think about the Bible? The Bible has a lot to say about itself, but what is, what is Jesus as the 4 (37m 37s): Author, 5 (37m 40s): The fulfillment of all the old Testament scriptures, what did he think about the Bible? 4 (37m 47s): And Jesus 5 (37m 48s): Accepted the old Testament Canon as, as it, as it exists today, without any modifications and claim to fulfill it. That's in Matthew chapter five, Jesus looked at the old Testament, said, this is the word of God. I came to fulfill it. He didn't change anything. He didn't say, well, this is just a story. That's just a nice pattern to follow. No, he said, this is the word of God. And he filled fulfilled 4 (38m 10s): It. Jesus 5 (38m 12s): Treated the old Testament narratives at straightforward. 4 (38m 17s): That means, 5 (38m 18s): And this is one and two, which he refers to in Matthew chapter 19 and Mark chapter 10. He treats those things as straightforward facts, the creation of man or woman, the creation of family, the garden, 4 (38m 30s): The serpent Jesus treats, Abel Noah, Adam, or Abraham all is living people sorry. 5 (38m 43s): And Gomorrah. He references in Matthew chapter 10, 11, and then Luke 10. He'll talk about lot in Luke chapter 11 or sorry, 17 Isaac and Jacob. He talks about the man in the wilderness and not me as some story, but actual manna bread that came 4 (38m 60s): From the heavens. 5 (39m 3s): He talks about the wilderness serpent, Jesus and Moses as the law-giver 4 (39m 9s): Jesus 5 (39m 9s): Even accepts Jonah as in three days and three nights in the belly of a whale in Matthew, chapter 12, all these things are so 4 (39m 18s): Criticized 5 (39m 22s): And yet Jesus accepted them as straightforward facts and street for narratives, 4 (39m 28s): Jesus 5 (39m 28s): Even accepted the old Testament authors as the ones that are actually wrote it in Mark in Mark chapter seven, Jesus says Moses was the writer of the first five. It 4 (39m 39s): Looks that Isaiah wrote Isaiah 5 (39m 44s): In Matthew chapter 13 and Mark seven that David wrote the Psalms in Mark chapter 12. And that Daniel wrote the book of Matthew in some higher critic. They criticize it. Well, Daniel prophesied so extremely accurate that there wasn't just one Daniel. It must've been written later in attributed to you now. But Jesus said that Daniel wrote the book, 4 (40m 5s): Good Daniel. And I'll get to families in a second, just say, but this is what 5 (40m 13s): Jesus had to say. And so when I come up here and I speak about the FEMA, I want to, I want to stand on the word of God. That's has to be our starting place for his design and intent. And that's what we'll talk about next is the intent and scope 4 (40m 26s): Of that. This God's 5 (40m 28s): Purpose to extend the garden of Eden ind out into the world. And it says, Genesis chapter one, verse 28, then God blessed them. And God said to them, be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air. And over every living thing that moves on the earth, there was supposed to be a stewardship taken care of, of not consuming, not destroying, but to, to watch over these things, You talked about the families that are to come when God gives a God, gives a command nature to says, Oh, I don't want to do this 4 (41m 13s): Man. So many. 5 (41m 16s): He will hear the law, the 10 commandments. How much better would the world be if everyone wanted to follow the 10 committee? 4 (41m 26s): Yeah, 5 (41m 26s): If God's commandment, the first commandment he gives to humankind to mankind was there in one six, when God said, sorry, one 28, let them be fruitful and multiply fruitful, multiply the husband and wife knows what it means to be fruitful and multiply. That is a great commandment to do. There's a great blessing to do, to be fruitful and multiply. And he says, go. And so that's what Adam and Eve do. It says the book of the genealogy of Adam in Genesis chapter five. It says in the day that God created, man, he made them in his likeness. He made them in the likeness of God. 5 (42m 8s): He created them male and female, and he blessed them and called them mankind in the day that they were created. And it goes on to list the sons. And it goes on to say that he had many other sons and daughters. You see it's God who sets the solitary and families Psalm 66. He brings out those who are bound into prosperity, but the rebellious dwell and the dry land, 4 (42m 32s): If that was 5 (42m 32s): God's original intent for these families to go out and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, take care of it. 4 (42m 41s): We know that that trouble comes soon in the garden. There's trouble in the family. 5 (42m 47s): It didn't take long for there to be drama in the family. Genesis chapter three, we see the husband and wife there's drama. Now in the husband and wife, we see a reversal of the God-given roles that instead of Adam being the protector, the head we see now, Eve talking to the serpent and being deceived. And as she eats the fruit, and then she says, she gives the fruit to Adam who was with her. Adam was right there. He should have been watching out for his, his bride. He should have been watching out for his lady and he wasn't. And it quickly becomes the blame game after that. How quickly, how quickly do we jump into that crazy 4 (43m 28s): Cycle? As the book love and respect talks about 5 (43m 33s): Start blaming things. And ultimately the blame didn't fall on Adam and Eve. The they're ultimately blaming God because he was the one who gave everything. And yet God said, this is all very good. And yet they're blaming God for their problems 4 (43m 53s): That doesn't 5 (43m 53s): Stay with Adam and Eve. Then it goes on to their children. You have children in Brazil 4 (43m 59s): And just 5 (44m 2s): Four, six and seven says, so the Lord said to Cain, why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen? If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door and is desirous for you, but you shall rule over it. Or you should rule, right? 4 (44m 21s): There's trouble 5 (44m 21s): In the family. That all of a sudden now there's the, their kids are now at war with each other. And God appears in a, in a, in a act of grace and mercy, God goes and says, Kane, 4 (44m 35s): Don't do this. Why are you angry? He warns him. And yet 5 (44m 42s): We see the first murder in the first family in the first chapters of the Bible. 4 (44m 49s): I love how honest 5 (44m 51s): Bible is about those who are in it. Doesn't make them out to be seen. So this shows their sin and brokenness right 4 (44m 56s): From the start right away, we have 5 (44m 60s): Murdered there. And then we have the first exile, as Kane is sent out from his family record in Genesis four, it says, and he said, what have you done the voice of your brother? Brother's blood cries out to me from the ground. So now you are cursed from the earth, which has opened its mouth to receive your blood brothers blood. From your hand, when you, till the ground, you shall no longer leave a yield at strength and a fugitive and a vagabond. You shall be on the earth. So Cain is now sent out from his family. If that trouble that started in the first family, it there's now trouble until now 4 (45m 40s): Trouble 5 (45m 40s): Till now. You know, we, we see many families in the old Testament, broken 4 (45m 45s): In missing 5 (45m 49s): God's plan, missing God's original design and intent for family, 4 (45m 57s): But yet it's God who uses a 5 (45m 60s): Family to save the whole world. 4 (46m 3s): God puts husband 5 (46m 5s): Wife. There are three kids, there's three sons and their son and their daughter-in-law into an Ark to preserve and protect the whole world. God uses families. 4 (46m 22s): So where are we at in our cultural world? I wasn't 5 (46m 26s): Planning on sharing any quotes or any, any stats until yesterday was the one book I did bring on my backpacking trip with my daughters. It was fun as, as we spent one out night out in the back country, just a mile in, and as, as we were heading back out, back to the car, back to the trail, head 4 (46m 49s): Stop 5 (46m 49s): To take some pictures of my daughters. I wish I'd, I wish I would have thought of it earlier. And she had them up on the screen, but taking pictures of my daughter and I hear a familiar voice down the trail. And it's pastor Steve and Steven and Curtis, and they're coming up the trail and they're all energized and ready for the whole hike. Well, my daughters are just kind of fading, just trying to make it back to the car. 4 (47m 11s): And they were just, 5 (47m 12s): It was this exciting moment. And I look at Steve with his two sons and there I am with my two daughters and different ages, different sizes. 4 (47m 19s): And yet it was just this cool moment out there. So 5 (47m 25s): Out there, up on the mountain, right now, they're out probably camping by a river manzana, narrows, where we took the youth a few weeks ago, getting his time with some, with some kids I'm stoked to that. He's out there doing So I wasn't planning on PR on giving these quotes and tell this one from a book I just picked up. The book is called raising passionate Jesus followers by Phil and Diane Komer. And he's he quotes a 2000, 2009 study that concluded that 90% of youth active in high school church programs drop out of church. By the time they're sophomores in college with only 34% ever returning as a youth, pastor, 2 (48m 12s): Someone 5 (48m 12s): Who has kids in my own eyes, that's terrifies me 90% 2 (48m 20s): It's sobering, 5 (48m 25s): But there is hope because in 2010, there was another, another study that showed that there was a remnant of homes where faith stood strong in the way, all the way into adulthood Have to end with 90% walking away. There was this remnant of home where we're faith and, and a relationship in a way, in a way, religion was taught and pushed onto them onto your, your children. And it's in those homes where there was an active involvement in the lives of their, of their kids. That, that, that 90% didn't apply. 5 (49m 8s): It says in students who stayed in the church throughout college said, the first thing they do when they have doubts or questions is to talk to their parents and read their Bibles. The students who remained in the faith, the first thing they would do, if they had problems that arose, they'd talk to their parents and read their Bibles. And so that is the model we need to, we need to be doing that. And I'm so stoked that a youth group, what we do is this on a Wednesday night with the youth, it's really not that different. We have some fun, we have some games, we do a little ice breaker, so the students can get to know each other. And then we go straight into the same worship team. Student led worship, 2 (49m 50s): Someone 5 (49m 50s): Who come up and give their testimony of what God has done. And then when they open up the word of God and we have Bibles, and I hear this like page turning, and it's incredible to hear 50, you know, Bibles turning at the same time to, to this text or that text and this it's phenomenal. And I think those are the things that are going to break that 90% is when youth group isn't so foreign to what's in here. And it's one of the reasons that drum drew my family and I to this church is that families are emphasized. We want to do worship together. I want to worship next to my daughters on a Sunday morning. I want, I want them to see me worshiping and I want to see them worshiping. 5 (50m 31s): I want to raise my hand and I want to see my daughter mimic me and raise their hand as well. 4 (50m 38s): It's like that 5 (50m 38s): Father's heart is like beating on my chest, Say a lot about where our culture is at today that I do know this, that Jesus didn't come to change the culture, but he came to change individual, heart, individual hearts. But when a hardest change, then it begins to change culture around it. I think there's no more important job in this world and parents raising godly children. 4 (51m 12s): And even 5 (51m 12s): As I stand up here, I, I know of my own inadequacies on the way I'm doing my best to raise my girls and my, my flaws and my mess up. So pray the Lord's grace over them. 4 (51m 25s): The parents raising godly children, 5 (51m 29s): February 12th, 2004, then mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsome redefined marriage for the first time I believe in the world is no longer be between a male and a female. He ordered city hall to issue different marriage license licenses. There was a marriage being redefining within our lifetime. 4 (51m 54s): In 5 (51m 54s): Our lifetime. We've seen gender being redefined as well. It's no longer male and female. The way that pattern in the image of God, that is being changed. Now I heard of a friend who has a, a larger youth group, not in this area, But on that issue of gender identity, over 50% of them said they didn't fit into in a youth group, didn't fit into male or female. We have to hold the truth. We have to teach and train 4 (52m 32s): The word of God. 5 (52m 36s): All of children is even being redefined in a very subtle crafty way. I've I see, as I look out and watch movies and media, all of a sudden realizing, wow, this is, this is not new. This is, this has been around for a while. And this, this whole thought that parents don't know best children know best 4 (52m 58s): Medium 5 (52m 59s): Portraying parents as being just simple minded and not knowing and not up on the, you know, all the fashion, the culture, all these things are just, just don't listen to your parents, do your thing. It's no longer parents know best it's children know best. And I'm going to throw a Disney movie under the bus right now. It was from, I was 10 years old. When this movie came out, the little mermaid, right? That's a great little movie. What are you saying? Jeremy Disney. And I've let my girls watch it. And I've obviously seen it. I've had to fast forward some sections from my girls, but think about the little mermaid and what it, and what it teaches. 5 (53m 40s): And, and these, these, these minds that a 16 year old are 4 (53m 45s): Teenage girl knows better than what her father, 5 (53m 51s): You know, right. She, she, she wants to go be a human. 4 (53m 55s): She wants to 5 (53m 55s): Collect human things and he finds out and he says, no, no, you can't do this. This isn't good. This isn't healthy. And so he, he, 4 (54m 1s): You know, destroys 5 (54m 3s): All our things and she's left to go out on her own to make this thing happen. And so she pursues the path of becoming a human and, and doing it her way. And then she gets into trouble. And then her father has to rescue her. And then in the end, Oh, he realizes that you're right, honey, you should be a human. You should do this thing. But if you see the crafty lies that become the in-between that you realize that what is telling the Watchers that hate your parents don't know best. It's actually you who knows best. You need to do your own thing. You need to not listen to your parents. That is, 4 (54m 36s): Is dangerous. So how does God want to use your family? 5 (54m 53s): First off marriage and family is a mystery. Is it not? Because it's a picture of something greater, something that will fully be revealed when, when Jesus Christ comes back, I would encourage you this week to read through Ephesians in the light of family, as in a church family, but your own family, read Ephesians, and just see what things begin to pop out to you. As you read the book of Ephesians in light of family, church, family, and your own family. And, and if you think grandparents, I want you to keep the course because you're not done raising your own children and you're, and you're, and you're, and you're there in the lives of your grandkids and young people. 5 (55m 35s): If you think, Oh man, that he's, Jeremy's talk about marriage and family just know that if the Lord tarries someday, you will have her own family. And these seeds, the seeds of the word of God will someday sprout. And I want to see you have a godly marriage and a godly family. 4 (55m 47s): Oh, really? 5 (55m 51s): Joel Kim said this. He said, family is one of the central means by which the Lord deepens and expands our faith. 4 (55m 60s): And it's often 5 (56m 1s): As a model of our heavenly father 4 (56m 4s): Quoting from 5 (56m 5s): The old Testament. Paul Paul Paul goes to second Corinthians. He's writing his letter to the Corinthians. And he says this, that God will be a father. I will be a father to you. And you shall be my sons and daughters says the Lord almighty. And so with all these attacks in the culture to our family, we have to know that it's not just, these are flesh and blood things. These aren't just people's ideas. These are straight lies from the pit of hell. This attack on family, isn't flesh and blood. Paul would say in Ephesians six, finally, my brother, and be strong in the Lord in the power of his might put on the whole armor of God that she may be able to stand against the Wiles of the devil. 5 (56m 47s): We need to know what the Wiles of the devil are to be able to stand against them for, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities against powers against the rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day. Having done all to stand the rebellion against family and marriages and children is, is a direct act of rebellion against the very nature of the Godhead and parents are so needed. Parents can never be replaced. The parents are needed. There is a Holy dependence upon parents. 5 (57m 27s): And often that is comes in the form of wisdom and direction into, in speaking into the lives of their kids. When I was in high school, I wanted to go watch a high school football game. It's in the fall of central Valley. It gets a little cool at nights. My mom was like, you need to take your jacket. Nah, I don't need my jacket. Now you need to take a jacket. You'll get you'll. You'll get chilly. You'll get chilled. And then you'll get a cold. Nah, I won't. I will. I'll be fine. Ran around that whole evening. Came home, had a sniffle. Next day, I had a cold. My mom knew me better than I knew myself In second Chronicles, chapter one, God appears to Solomon in a dream. 5 (58m 19s): And he asks him basically, Hey Solomon you're you're you're, you're the King. You're the man. What do you want? What do you want? Do you want your enemies? Go on whatever you want. You just ask for it. And Solomon asks for wisdom and knowledge. 2 (58m 36s): Why does 5 (58m 36s): Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge? I mean, it seems pretty straightforward, right? He's going to be the new King. He's got all these people. He's got to lead. Why he asked for wisdom and knowledge open up to Proverbs four. If you have your Bible, 2 (58m 54s): Proverbs chapter four. 5 (59m 3s): And in Proverbs chapter four, Proverbs is a book written by Solomon. This struck out this, this stuck with me a few years ago. 2 (59m 16s): Yeah. 5 (59m 19s): The first part of Proverbs, most the provers is written to his kids to Solomon's kids. Chapter four verse one says here, my children, the instruction of a father and give attention to, to know understanding for, I give you good doctrine. Do not forsake my law. When I was young, when I was my father's son tender in the only one in, in, in, in the sight of my mother, he also taught me and said to me, so let me ask you. Who wrote the book of Proverbs Solomon, who was Solomon's father? Who was Solomon's dad, David. 5 (1h 0m 0s): So this are the, these are the words he records. The words he received from his father in the book of Proverbs says, so now he's telling us, so in Proverbs, he says this, this is what he taught. This is what David taught Solomon. He said this in verse four, let your heart retain my words. Keep my commands and live, get wisdom, get understanding, do not forget or turn away from my words in my mouth for and do not forsake her for. She will preserve. You love her. And she will keep you wisdom is the principal thing. Therefore get wisdom. And in all you're getting get understanding. I think there's a direct correlation to David St. 5 (1h 0m 41s): Son someday. I know your weaknesses. I know, I know you someday. You're going to be King and this is what you need to have. You need to have wisdom and you need to have understanding. So God appears to Solomon a dream. What do you want? Well, my dad said, I need wisdom. I need to do, I need to get wisdom. Parents are so needed for your input, but also that gives a responsibility for children. So I want to invite up Tyler to come up now to come up and give us a word as well. This morning, you just thought I was just going to be me. 5 (1h 1m 23s): And I got to, I got Tyler to come up to give a word. Come on, buddy. 6 (1h 1m 30s): All right, good afternoon. Yeah. It's it's afternoon already. So since it's you take over, I'm going to start off with kind of a traditional youth introduction. My name is Tyler . I'm 16. I've been attending harvest for about 12 years. Now my toothbrush color is white, green and pink. And because Gabe is probably watching this and he will get upset. If I don't my tooth press toothbrush, bristled density is his medium. Okay. Very important. So family, as Jeremy's been talking about as an important part of God's plan, children are obviously a part of that plan, but a really key aspect of children in God's plan is raising and becoming godly children. 6 (1h 2m 16s): Pastor Ron touched on this verse with the dedication Proverbs 22 six, he used a slightly different version. I'm using the King James, cause you can't really go wrong with that. It says, train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old, he will not depart from it. I really liked this version because of the words train up to prepare for battle. So when we leave these walls, it's a battle out there we're being okay. And how Jeremy said that 90% of Christian youth leave the church after high school. That's crazy. That's that's our fight. Okay? That's our parents can help us with that. But us as youth have to decide whether we want it or not. 6 (1h 2m 59s): That's our responsibility. Our responsibility is to listen to our parents, our elders, and learn how to use the weapons that they will teach us. And that God wants us to use. I was looking at another article, very similar to what Jeremy was talking about. And it gave some reasons for why youth leave the church. One of them was when kids go to college, all of a sudden they're surrounded by all these atheist ideas. These people who are super comfortable in their reasoning and they, they know what they're talking about. And they're going to convince you that this is, this is the real thing. Their belief is wrong. A lot of color kids, college, Christian youth don't know how to respond to that. 6 (1h 3m 45s): They don't know how to defend their faith. They instead of pressing in and learning how to defend their faith, they fall back and want to be comfortable. They don't want to push themselves out of their comfort zone. I wasn't going to share this, but it's Jeremy started off first service with two CS Lewis quotes. So I figured I kind of copy that. But CS Lewis was really famous for arguing against atheist, debating them publicly. And one day he was beaten. He'd never really been beaten before. 6 (1h 4m 25s): And the way he responded to that was by writing the Chronicles of Narnia, probably the most influential Christian children's book out there. And so my point is we will face attack. We will be defeated at some point, okay, it's inevitable. But the fact that we need to change is how we respond to that. Are we going to fall back and be afraid and give into the enemy? Or are we going to keep pressing forward? Are we going to keep taking one step at a time until we get to the end? Okay. Till we get to the goals and plans, God has set for us. 6 (1h 5m 5s): Fusions six one through three says children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right honor. Your father and mother, which is the first commandment with a promise that it may go well with you. And that you may enjoy long life on the earth. The second reason that they said kids fall away from the church is because kids don't think the Bible has any significant meaning directly at them. When they're kids, it's for the old people, the old people can do what they want and I'll do my own thing and everyone's happy, but God wants us to be with him. Okay. He gives his first commandment with a promise to the children, not to the adults, not to the priests. He wants us to be with him. 6 (1h 5m 45s): He says, I know the road is going to be long and hard and painful. But if you keep following me, if you keep pressing into it, you'll get the reward at the end. One thing I'm super grateful for my parents is teaching me that pushing past the pain will get me to the best things in life. Keeping on that idea of backpacking that Jeremy did. My first backpacking trip. I went with a bunch of a couple of my buddies and they're done ads. And we could either backtrack the way we came. Nice. You know, seen it Creek route. There's some ups and downs. Okay. It's not a cakewalk. Or we could do a trail called hurricane deck. 6 (1h 6m 26s): Now at the time, hurricane deck sounded super awesome and it is, but we got up we're we're gonna, we're going to do it. We knew the elevation was going to be, you know, significant. And it's going to be like climbing. I don't know, like 2,600 feet. And so we get up and we get going and we're hiking and they're switchbacks and the trails in front of us and we're climbing and we start to see the top of the Hill. We're going up. And we're like, okay, we're almost there. This is great. You know, it's hard, but it's not that hard. And it's gets a little steeper. So we decided to take a break for like, you know, the last push-up and one of the dads pulls out, his GPS gives them a thing, looks at it and goes, we've climbed about 400 feet. 6 (1h 7m 15s): We still had over 2000 feet to go. So we get over this Hill and we, I look up and there's this like mountain range that we're going to have to climb. And there's no switchbacks. The trail fades into bushes. You go straight up this thing. And so we put our heads, heads down and we climbed and climbed. I don't think I've ever done a harder hike. That was hard. My toes hurt my calves burned at times I, I wanted to quit. It was, it was that bad. The trail was not the most well-maintained so, you know, there's branches all over. My legs are getting cut up. I'm getting slapped in the face with, with branches, but I kept telling myself, keep going, take one, one more step. 6 (1h 8m 0s): Just another step. Get to the top. And when we got to the top, you could see the entire Valley before you've got a river off to one side, you've got snow, captain mountains up top. It was probably greatest view I've ever seen in my life. And I've been to the grand Canyon. I've been to Zion national park cabin. I've been to all the really cool places that everyone says, you have to go. The reason why that is my favorite place as one, the view is by far the best. Okay. If you ever get the chance to do a hurricane deck and you can do it, be prepared. Okay. 6 (1h 8m 41s): But the reason it was, it was so great was because I had to work for it. I didn't get a pull up and park and be like, Oh, there's the view. Yay. I had to bust my butt off to get up there. Okay. And when I got back to the cars, it was like 10 miles of hiking. I was exhausted and it takes a good bit to exhaust me. So I would just want to encourage all of you to keep pressing on when it gets hard. When the road is tough, keep taking this as forward. Tell yourself one more step. If I take one more step, we'll get closer and keep taking those steps because in the end it'll be worth it. 6 (1h 9m 21s): Thank you for letting me do this. 5 (1h 9m 32s): Thanks Tyler. That's amazing. So we have now an invitation into God's family. It was God who in his, in his special purpose, took this husband and wife of, of, of, of fresh new family, Mary and Joseph, and had them bring his son to the world. God uses family. And there's two ways I see in the, in the text in the Bible that God invites us into his family. One is by adoption, Ephesians chapter one verses three through six, has blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be Holy and without blame before him having predestined deaths to the adoption of sons as his sons, by Jesus Christ himself. 5 (1h 10m 25s): According to the good pleasure of his will, God invites us into that adoption into his family. The other way I see is by marriage, by patrol, there are a covenant or a contract. She John 14, a one through five says, let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God. Believe also in me for, in my father's house, there are many mansions. And if I were to not, if were not, so I would not have told you, but I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to myself. He is inviting his bride, the church to join him in his head, in the father's house. 5 (1h 11m 7s): The insula that the place where a son, after his betrayal, the, to his bride, he would go and to his house and his father's house and begin building a room, begun, building a place for he and his family to then live. And Jesus is making those words is seeing the same thing. It's like, I'm going to go. And I'm going to prepare that place for you. And I love Thomas because he asked the question, Lord, we do not know where you're going. How can we know the way Jesus makes one way? He says, I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father, except through me. We are to be then a family for eternity, a family for eternity. 5 (1h 11m 52s): And the earth is a waiting. And as well as our bodies are just awaiting this new creation, the new heavens and the new earth, 4 (1h 12m 2s): Let's go 5 (1h 12m 3s): To Romans chapter eight, real fast, Romans chapter eight, 4 (1h 12m 16s): I'll start 5 (1h 12m 16s): 18. It says for, I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory. That shall be revealed in us. And like Tyler is saying when, when he was climbing that mountain, the hurricane deck, there is sufferings. But once you get to the top and you can get that vision of everything that's going on there is there's this, this there's this, this glory sense. Like, ah, this is majesty. You look around and you see, what's what God has put out to set us before us 4 (1h 12m 48s): Verse 19 for the earnest expectation of the creation 5 (1h 12m 51s): Equally waits for the revealing of the sons of God, for the, for the creation was subjected to futile, futility, not willingly willingly, but because, 4 (1h 13m 3s): Because of him who subjected it to it in hope, because 5 (1h 13m 6s): Creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption, into the glorious Liberty of the children of God. For, we know that the whole creation, groans, and labors with birth pains until now, not only that, but we also have the first fruits of the spirit, even ourselves groan within ourselves are the earth is waiting for this new creation. Our bodies are awaiting as Jesus as the restore of the family of God. If you go to revelation 21, you'll see the vision that John was given. And it says, and he sees this vision of God on the throne. He says, in hue sound in the throne behold, I make all things new. And he said to me, write for these words are true and faithful. 5 (1h 13m 47s): And he said to me, it is done. I am the alpha and the Omega at the beginning. And the end, I will give of the fountain of water. I need water. Sorry. I will give it the fountain water of life freely to him who thirst. And he who overcomes shall inherit all things. I will be his God. And he will be my son, 4 (1h 14m 9s): 2004. I set out a couple of friends to 5 (1h 14m 12s): Conquer mountain shack 4 (1h 14m 13s): Faster. It was a January full of ice. We had to 5 (1h 14m 19s): Shoo up to high camp. And then from high camp, we woke up at four in the morning and began our ascent up the last remaining 6,000 feet. And it was, I mean, it was a grueling day Crampons on her feet, ice axes in her hand, just working our way at this, at this icy slope. And all day I kept looking up, okay, okay. There's the summit. I can, I can do the summit. I can, I can see it. It's right there. And just as we thought about, about, about 12 o'clock about noon, we reached that summit and I realized it was a false summit like 4 (1h 14m 54s): That. Wasn't it. And what I said, 5 (1h 14m 56s): She is it's called misery Hill. And I know the reason why it's now called misery Hill. 4 (1h 15m 3s): There's a little plateau. 5 (1h 15m 4s): And then you see misery hell and it's about, it's a 400 foot Hill on top of Mount Shasta. 4 (1h 15m 11s): And I 5 (1h 15m 11s): Just remember thinking how in the world am I going to do this? And as I approached misery Hill, I realized that it was solid, crunchy ice. And that there wasn't nice staircase. There was no trail. It was just, you go straight up this Hill. 4 (1h 15m 22s): And the way that the ice 5 (1h 15m 24s): Had formed and the wind had had, had its way with it, it was an 18 inch steps. So each step you have to like lift your foot up 18 inches to get up the next one. And I would take one step fire breath, one step five. It was just this painful. And then once you got to the top of the Hill, then he realized there's another thousand or a hundred feet to go a hundred yards to go. And then finally 4 (1h 15m 46s): The summit. And I later 5 (1h 15m 49s): Down after I got to the top of misery Hill and I thought, that's it, I'm done. And my friends who are 4 (1h 15m 52s): There, so Jeremy, you got it. We're not doing this alone. We're not leaving you here. Come on. 5 (1h 15m 59s): We made our way to the summit and it hadn't been those guys. I would not have made it. And that is what church that is what the family of God is for. We are here to support and encourage others onto the glory. That is yet to come 4 (1h 16m 12s): From time, pass 5 (1h 16m 13s): Time, attorney God is using his family. And so now as we take partake 4 (1h 16m 17s): Of communion, we have a few 5 (1h 16m 19s): Communion cups. If you didn't receive them on the way in, you can grab those in. Actually I need one. I forgot mine. Can I give him a breaker? If you didn't have to get, didn't get one. Thank you, sir. Raise your hand and we'll get, we'll get those to you. 4 (1h 16m 33s): But this is 5 (1h 16m 33s): Now the invitation and the remembrance of God's family. Communion is what we look on, what Jesus has done for us. It is remembering what he has done for us 4 (1h 16m 44s): Last. And we therefore need to examine ourselves to make sure 5 (1h 16m 49s): We're not doing, we're not adding anything to the cross of Christ. We're not trying to add to works or perfection or anything. Jesus Christ did it all at the cross. And so we are remembering his invitation into the 4 (1h 17m 2s): Family at a Galilean wedding. It was different than any other in Jerusalem. 5 (1h 17m 10s): And in any other wedding in Israel, in a Galilean wedding, as the groom, they S they read the contract at the gate. Both families were there every week. There was multiple witnesses. As they read the groom would then pour the cup and he would extend it to his bride or his potential bride. And then a Galilean wedding. The bride had the, was, had the ability to either accept or reject that cup of wine. And after receiving, if she chose to accept, she would take us. She would drink from it. And then the girl, the groom would say this, he would save, I will no longer drink of the fruit of this vine of this cup until the day of our wedding feast, As Jesus is passing out the cup that night, the night before his knife, as betrayal, the night of his death, he tells his disciples verily. 5 (1h 18m 3s): I say to you, I will no longer drink of the fruit of this vine until the day that I drink it in the new kingdom, Jesus looks at his disciples and said, I want you to be in my kingdom. You will be my family. So if you have accepted his death, his burial, his resurrection as your own, if you have believed in confess, this community is we don't do this in remembrance. So it's the tin foil top. Did you kind of pull off, sorry. The bread 2 (1h 18m 33s): Is 5 (1h 18m 33s): Not easy. I know I'm struggling in front of everybody. 2 (1h 18m 43s): Read 5 (1h 18m 45s): Paul would say for, I receive from the Lord that, which I also delivered to you, that the Lord Jesus on the same night in which he was betrayed, took the bread. And he, when he had given things, he broke it and he said, take this, eat my body, which is broken for you, do this. And remember in the same manner, he also took the cup after supper saying the cup. This is the cup of my new covenant in my blood. Do this. As often as you drink it in remembrance of it, 2 (1h 19m 37s): Let's pray and have the worship team come up. 5 (1h 19m 47s): We do this in remembrance of you making the way into 2 (1h 19m 53s): The only way into the family of God. We accept your death and 5 (1h 20m 3s): Resurrection as, as our own Lord. So we want to live in this new life. The do the new covenant board of what you've done for us. We want to be filled with your spirit as we go out. And we love on our families and love on the family of God as a whole remove division, Roos, strife, Lord mayor, families not be like the garden of Eden families. Those families are there that were there, the first families, Lord, but maybe we model the family that Jesus you came to to live in and to enjoy and to breathe and to, to give what, to pray that we would have been filled with your vision of what you want to do with his family fills to the spirit this morning in Jesus' name, we pray, amen. 5 (1h 20m 54s): We'll have a worship. We'll have the worship band plan out. And then if you have any prayer, any things you want to lift up for prayer, any blessings come up with the front and what we'd love to pray for. You let's stand together. 0 (1h 30m 56s): Lord, thank you for this day. God, I pray that as we go out, back into the world, God, back into this culture that we live in God, that would be a light for people to follow God that we would be able to carry what we've taken from the sermon today. God, and bring it to other people God, and build the, build your church. God. So I thank you for this time. God, I thank you for this time that we get to worship and fellowship in all of this in Jesus name. Amen guys. 0 (1h 31m 39s): Have a good day.

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