Episode 73 - Truth? In Politics? (Local Elections '22)


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SGF/BRANSON LOCAL ELECTION EDITION We talk, at length, about the April 5 Springfield Public Schools Board of Education election, and the upwards of $150k and tangled interests in the race. Then, we are joined by candidates Brandi VanAntwerp and Dr. Charles Taylor (the recipients of our Least Shitty Candidates endorsement - good even?) to briefly talk about why they are running. After, we head on down US Highway 65 to Branson, Missouri, to check out their collection of freaks and cranks trying to take over their Boards of Education and Aldermen. It's a banger, a bummer and a real barn burner! Support Trans kids in Texas and throughout the south and beyond. Transgender Education Network of Texas Emergency Relief Fund: secure.everyaction.com/_E-h-RjfTUmu1LNiH3zUEg2 Working on building out this list, if you have others in Texas, Idaho, Arizona, Alabama or beyond that are trusted, please let me know. Support your Local Abortion Fund: Arkansas Abortion Support Network www.arabortionsupport.org/ Missouri Abortion Fund www.mofund.org/ Find an abortion fund or services near you: National Network of Abortion Funds abortionfunds.org www.hootnhollerpod.com www.patreon.com/hootnhollerpod @hootnhollerpod on Twitter and Instagram facebook.com/hootnhollerpod hootnhollerpod@gmail.com Theme: "When the Moon Comes Down in Blood" As sung by Reba Dearmore, Mountain Home, Arkansas on January 7, 1969. Cat. #0647 (MFH #709) in the Max Hunter Folk Song Collection at Missouri State University. maxhunter.missouristate.edu/songinforma…aspx?ID=647 Outro: "When I Come Home the Other Night" As sung by Tom and Phillis Aley, Ozark, Missouri on February 27, 1969. Cat. #0696 (MFH #154) in the Max Hunter Folk Song Collection at Missouri State University. https://maxhunter.missouristate.edu/songinformation.aspx?ID=696

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