iOS 620: Touring iOS 16 & the New iPhone 14 - iPhone 14 Camera Buzz, Lock Screen Customization, New Shortcuts


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With the new iPhone 14 Pro in hand and iOS 16.0.1 freshly installed, Rosemary Orchard and Mikah Sargent walk you through some of the new features of iOS 16 and the iPhone 14.

  • Charging with the MagSafe Duo Charger
  • iPhone 14 Pro Camera Bug - a Fix Is on the Way
  • Making the switch to a new iPhone
  • iPhone 14 eSIM
  • Lock Screen customizations in iOS 16
  • Focus Modes link to Lock Screens
  • Editing and unsending messages


  • iPhone 14 Made More Repairable
  • The rate of iOS 16 adoption continues to surprise a week after release
  • New iPad Pro models may have just been leaked by Logitech

Shortcuts Corner

  • iOS 16 Parked Car Details | Shortcut from Rosemary Orchard
  • iOS 16: New Actions
  • LockFlow: Add Shortcuts to your Lock Screen

App Caps

  • Rosemary's App Cap: Magnifier
  • Mikah's App Cap: Incase Lanyard

Hosts: Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard

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