Shelton stayed and Rickie reconsidered | Are we officially not worried about Brian Kelly's in-state recruiting ability?


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In the last four days, LSU landed commitments from two of the top players in the state of Louisiana: 5-star WR Shelton Sampson out of Catholic High and 4-star QB Rickie Collins from Woodlawn High School. But what exactly is so important about those two commitments?

Shelton Sampson is ranked the third-best player in the state of Louisiana and had offers from Alabama, Georgia, and Florida State (where his former Catholic High head coach Gabe Fertitta is now an analyst), but when asked why he picked LSU he simply said, "why wouldn't I want to play for LSU?"

Rickie Collins committed to play for Purdue in October of last year. Less than two weeks ago he committed from the Boilermakers and Wednesday night made his decision to stay home and play for the Tigers.

There were concerns about Brian Kelly's ability to recruit players in the state of Louisiana since he had very few ties in the state much less the southeast as a whole. But with two of the top players in LSU's backyard making their decision to stay home, can we admit that our concerns just might be gone?

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