Microsoft Viva Insights | Improve productivity and wellbeing | Demo and tutorial, including set-up


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See how Microsoft Viva Insights delivers data-driven privacy, protected insights, and recommended actions to help individuals and teams improve productivity and wellbeing. Engineering leader, Kamal Janardhan, joins Jeremy Chapman for a deep dive and a view of your options for configuration.

If you're new to Microsoft Viva, it comprises four modules that deliver new employee experiences across knowledge, communications, learning, and insights, all in the context of your work. These leverage the foundational technologies of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Graph and AI to deliver a modern employee experience platform.

With hybrid work at home and in the office as the new normal, Viva Insights gives individuals, managers, and leaders the insight to develop healthier work habits and a better work environment. It is an intelligent experience designed to leverage MyAnalytics, Workplace Analytics, and Exchange Online to deliver insights that recommend actions to help prioritize well-being and productivity.

As an individual: Get personalized reminders to book focus time or to take regular mental breaks. Integration with Headspace brings in guided meditations to help relax your mind.

As a manager and a leader: Get granular visibility into work patterns to detect trends like burnout. Stay more connected with your team and minimize attrition.

► QUICK LINKS: 00:00 - Introduction 00:54 - What is Viva Insights? 02:52 - Individual user experience 07:43 - Configuration 08:40 - Manager & leader experience 09:42 - Org leader experience 10:43 - Customization 11:40 - Privacy 12:26 - Wrap up

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