80's Japanese Heavy Metal - Heavy Metal Universe XIII


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Episode XIII of "Heavy Metal Universe" - originally premiered on May 04, 2021, on YouTube.
The theme for this "mystery playlist" is 80's Japanese heavy metal. If you want to know more about this specific scene, please check the list below with some sources that helped me create this playlist:
Ride into Glory - Thunder in the East: A Guide to Japanese Heavy Metal in the 80s: https://rideintoglory.com/thunder-in-the-east-a-guide-to-japanese-heavy-metal-in-the-80s/
Crowley - Stalker
Prowler - Back Fire
Vanishing Point - Twilight Zone
Action! - Honey Dripper
Reaction - Lust
Wolf - Running Forever
Eliza - Slow Down
Hurry Scuary - Open Your Eyes
Seikima II - The End of the Century
Earthshaker - More
Sniper - Over the Sky
Terra Rosa - The Endless Basis
Stingray - Jerusalem Break
Anthem - Wild Anthem
Bow Wow - Warning from Stardust
Flatbacker - Hard Blow
EZO - Flashback Heart Attack
Sabbrabells - Metal Saber
Precious - Burning Vengeance
44 Magnum - Street Rock n’ Roller
Marino - Impact
Hellen - One Night Carnival
Loudness - Heavy Chains
X-Ray - Man in Black
Heavy Metal Army - Yes or No
Show-Ya - Battle Express
Dead End - Phantom Nation
X Japan - X
Blizard - The Second Diamond
Genocide - A Bullet in the Wrong Heart
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