How our beliefs create our reality, and how to change them - with Andrew Rowe


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Today we are so lucky to have Andrew Rowe on our podcast. He is a certified NLP practitioner, Theta Healer, and Reiki practitioner. Andrew uses a variety of modalities in order to find root limiting beliefs, and with the help of God/Creator/Source/Love he helps us remove the limiting belief and replace it with a more empowering one. If you feel like there is a certain belief system in your life that you want switch, but you just don't know how, Andrew is the guy for you.
We are both working with Andrew to dig into and shift our own beliefs, and a few sessions in we are already seeing huge changes. In the episode we talk about what you can do on your own to make shifts in your life, how to create WITH the universe, how he works in his sessions, his own healing story, how we can get addicted to drama in our lives, and how we have to choose to live a life filled with joy, happiness and peace to make the shift.
Hope you enjoy it, and we would be so happy if you shared it with a friend who you think will benefit from this! Lots of love

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