Transformation in all areas of life + Radical Courage - the course


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The more we take care of ourselves, the more beauty we want to create in life and give to the world. True sustainability from within!
How we changed our lives completely, going from a corporate career and working in the military, to creating a free life as entrepeneurs.
How our friends and relations change when we change.
How we can connect the different parts of us and feel whole and happy. The inner child, the inner masculine, the inner feminine, the protector, the ego.
Going from lack of good health too feeling really good in a feminine body.
All about Radical Courage - the course. Our new 3-week course starting august 8th. On the topics dreams, beliefs, trust, self-love, self-care, aligned action and courage. Read all about it on our Instagram @radicalbroccoli and see more here:

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