Episode 359: Tickle The Membrane


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This episode contains: Devon isn't here, he's in Las Vegas. Ben got kicked out of chess club for talking. Steven was gifted a jacket by Devon like 20 years ago and they are probably dating.

A Double Kick Drum by the River in the Summer: Minuscule drums push the limits of quantum weirdness. Vibrating membranes provide the first evidence of quantum entanglement in macroscopic objects. They used quantum mechanics to hack quantum mechanics and we're done here.


The Wind Beneath my Wings: Dozens of baby hawks jumped to their deaths amid heatwave. It was so hot, the baby hawks chose to jump to the ground for a chance at survival. Steven rants about climate change yet again, and is frustrated that there isn't much we can do.


Science Fiction: Ben has watched A Quiet Place Part II and gives us all the run-down. He really enjoyed it and says it is a true 'part 2'. We've watched the newest Star Trek Prodigy trailer and chat about it a bit. Ben takes a bit of time to talk about Trollhunters. Well, it's more than a bit of time; plus he goes through Trollhunters, 3Below, Wizards, and Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans. Steven started reading Rabbits and goes down the rabbit hole. RUplaying?

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