Ep 010 - 1390 Retroactivity


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The episode starts off with the procedural aspects of attaining a California License to Practice Law including important dates and deadlines. We note that it was originally more hours in a tiered requirement format based on which bar exam you achieved 1390, but then was then finally ordered by the Supreme Court at a uniform 300 hours for everyone. Next, San takes a little tangent noting the diversity of the Justices that gave the 1390 Retroactive Order. To defend San’s tangent a little bit, perhaps it is looking at the motive or intent behind the order to now allow those who previously failed to attain their license to practice law. We then explore many seemingly arbitrary requirements including (1) why the 1390 dates back to the July 2015 exam (2) why the supervising attorney is required to have 4 years of experience and (3) why 1390 is a good cut score. San is enlightened by Brandon on what “hit me in the feels” means. Discussion is placed on feelings of having now passed with the retroactive 1390 order. Delving further into the FAQ, we look at the requirements for a supervising attorney to approve the 300 hours. 300 hours is calculated to 7.5 40 hour work weeks. There is a May 31, 2021 deadline to get the application for retroactivity in. If this deadline passes, it seems the opportunity to have retroactivity on the 1390 be lost. Then we talk about the range of bar exams included with the retroactive date of July 2015 which is 10 bar exams. The total 300 hours should be completed by June 2022. It seems that the major hurdle is finding a qualifying attorney to supervise those 300 hours. Especially since they have to submit the attorney’s name with the application by May 31, 2021. If you have any questions that you would like us to answer, please direct them to podcast@barexamdrills.com.

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