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Surviving the Deep State is a book I wrote under my Pen Name of Muir Taylor on the Amazon platform. It describes the current state of the world in which we are living, and it explains the basis behind the government cover-up of the UFO phenomena.

Let’s delve into the history of the New World Order apparatus, also known as the Deep State, to see how they developed so much control, and what their real objectives are. This is a story with many layers, all explored in my new book “Surviving the Deep State” available on Amazon. It is a “book of books.” It is a complete intelligence briefing like no other. And it’s a survival manual.

In the next several episodes we will review further secret information. Under my Pen Name Muir Taylor all of these facts and much, much more is revealed in the book “Surviving the Deep State” on Amazon. I’ve also written two related books, Iran-The Event and You Must Have Silver. Both are must-reads.

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