St. Vincent Doesn't Need a Berklee Degree to Win Grammys or Shred Guitar


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Welcome to Guitar Villains! Today's guest is the St. Vincent guitar sorceress, Annie Clark.
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0:00 - Introduction
1:40 - Annie's opinion about Berklee and music college in general
4:15 - The REAL origin of the name ‘St. Vincent’
7:10 - Annie’s supervillain alter-ego
11:18 - Burning Questions
17”07 - Name Those Notes
17:40 - Perfect pitch versus relative pitch
19:50 - Annie’s manual whammy bar effect
21:00 - Led Zeppelin’s influence on St. Vincent
23:36 - Annie’s favorite guitar riff she wrote
27:10 - Annie talks about the brilliance of Metallica rhythm guitar parts
30:38 - The new St. Vincent guitar approach
35:08 - “I don’t love it when the guitar sounds like a guitar”
38:36 - St. Vincent’s influence on my guitar playing
39:30 - The MusicMan St. Vincent signature guitar
45:18 - The art of improvisation on guitar
47:53 - Songwriting tips from a Grammy-winning songwriter
51:50 - Annie’s supervillain advice
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