Ep 139: What the IATSE Agreement Means For Indie Filmmakers


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Following the ratification of IATSE’s new film and TV contracts, podcaster and entertainment industry veteran Damien Swaby talks to principal Reena Sehgal (Sehgal Law PC) about their legal implications for Indie Filmmakers. Swaby and Sehgal will discuss the Basic Agreement and the Area Standards Agreement, which were set up to achieve fair conditions (including quality-of-life issues and general job conditions such as meal breaks) for union film crew in television and film.
Reena Sehgal, Esq
Attorney-at-Law Transactions
Reena Sehgal is from Bend, Oregon, and attended Portland State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in General Science.

After graduating, Reena moved to San Diego, California to pursue a legal career. She graduated Cum Laude from Thomas Jefferson School of Law with a focus in Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law.

Reena has always loved business, creativity, and the arts, and in law school she discovered how to use her skills, education, and passion in a rewarding field. After working for some extremely reputable companies, where she worked alongside, networked, and engaged with industry leaders, she decided to start her own solo practice – Law Offices of Reena Sehgal – in 2016. Since then, she has worked with numerous independent filmmakers, artists, and producers on international and domestic films. She also worked and continues to work with individuals and companies in television, live stage, and music.

Reena, understanding that filmmaking is an expensive proposition, created and developed a first-of-its-kind digital automation and CRM platform for entertainment representatives called AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. The platform makes legal documents and packages of documents available to filmmakers at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal services.

Reena’s vision has always been to make legal services affordable and easily accessible.
Aside from working, Ms. Sehgal enjoys traveling, cooking and running five – yes, five – miles a day. She also loves spending time with her dog, Nugget.

Reena is a member of the California Bar Association, California Lawyers for the Arts, and California Young Lawyers Association.

Reena was selected to Super Lawyers Rising Stars list for 2019, 2020 & 2021. Rising Stars is an exclusive list of top-rated attorneys in specific practice areas.
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