World Environment Day Special - Only One Earth


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This year, the global theme for World Environment Day is ‘Only One Earth', which sets the topic for this episode.
Dougal Driver FICFor CEnv, will be conducting the interview as a special guest host. As he is World Environment Day lead at the Society, that makes him the ideal chair for this special episode of the podcast.
Dougal is a Chartered Environmentalist via the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF). Among his many roles, he is Chief Executive of Grown in Britain, chairs several forestry committees, advise ministers, wildlife trusts and private companies on organisational and environmental strategies.
Our guest interviewee this year is Andrew Marlow CEnv, Managing Director of onePlanet Solutions.

He is currently an independent consultant, providing expertise to clients in carbon and energy reporting, and the development of Environmental Management Systems to a number of organisations. He works with accreditation bodies to assess certification bodies & is the UK Technical Expert for the verification and validation of environmental information and sits on a number of International Organization for Standardization Working Groups.

He is a Full Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, and a registered IEMA Environmental Auditor.
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