Astrology For the Week Ahead for Your Clients & Customers with Eugenia Krok, MA [Instagram and LinkedIn Live 5/19/22]


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Astrologer, Eugenia Krok went live on Thursday, 5/19/22 to discuss the astrology for the week ahead for clients and customers. A few highlights:

Mars conjunct Neptune. What do your clients and customers dream? What do they want the most in their lives? Right now there are a lot of opportunities for people to discuss their dreams.

Next Monday The Moon, Neptune, Juno, Mars will be in the sign of Pisces, which will delivery blurry energy but Weds and Thursday have a major shift that we all will feel! The majority of the energy will Mars, Jupiter, the moon, Chiron, Aries, and Venus are all in FIRE! This winter has been sleepy but now everyone is waking up! All delusions will be broken. There will be anger, urgency, and fighting energy.

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