Episode 159: From The Earth To The Moon (with Ro Panuganti & Christian Richardson)


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This week’s episode features a 2x bonus of videogame music awesomeness! The first half of the show features Ro Panuganti. Ro is a YouTuber, multi-instrumentalist and videographer, specializing in covers of videogames and films in the style of rock and progressive metal. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the popular role-playing videogame franchise “Mother”/”Earthbound,” Ro talks about co-producing the eclectic tribute album Fuzzy Pickles from GameLark with fellow musician Peter “Soundole” Smith. In the second half, Adrian and Ro are joined by fellow guitarist/YouTuber Christian Richardson. Christian and Ro give a detailed breakdown of the long yet rewarding journey the duo took to arrange and co-produce the thrilling album Moon Rock from Materia Collective, which pays tribute to the music of Super Mario Odyssey from Nintendo.

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