African Camp Fire Stories


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African History stories are seldom told; in cases where they do get told, it is

seldom by Africans themselves. The African Camp Fire Stories’ Podcast is

created and narrated by natives of the continent.

It is very important for us to note that we are not professional Historians. And

we appreciate very much the work that Historians have done in covering the

stories that we make use on this podcast.

The objective of the podcast is to bring to the fore African history in an

engaging, interesting, and fun manner; while ensuring that all the stories that

we tell are well-researched and grounded in fact.

The African Camp Fire Stories’ Podcast team has a great affinity for the

history of Africa. We see a need for bringing African history stories to the

attention of ordinary people in Africa, and in the world as a whole. We feel

that African history stories should be part of the daily discourse of ordinary

people across the world.

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