AICPA Town Hall Series - February 17, 2022


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Erik Asgeirsson, President & CEO

Amy Miller, Sr. Manager, Tax Policy & Advocacy AICPA

Mark Peterson, EVP, Advocacy AICPA

Kirk Phillips, Managing Director Global Crypto Advisors

Lisa Simpson, VP Firm Services AICPA


  • Profession & DC Update
  • IRS Actions/K-2/K-3 Preparation
  • New Crypto Guidance & Tax Reporting

Key Insights on the February 17, 2022 #AICPATownHall:

  • CEO and President, Erik Asgeirsson and AICPA’s EVP of Advocacy and Tax Policy Senior Manager Amy Miller, JD, CPA, discussed the latest from DC including current AICPA Advocacy work, AICPA testimony at Senate Finance Committee hearing and an important update on relief coming for schedule K-2 and K-3 reporting.
  • AICPA’s VP of Firm Services, Lisa Simpson, CPA, CGMA, provided an update on PPP and answered top ERC questions.
  • Kirk Phillips, CPA, CGMA, TheBitcoinCPATM and Managing Director at Global Crypto Advisors joins to provide insight on new guidance around crypto and tax reporting.

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