Death toll in Monterey Park mass shooting rises to 11 as investigators search for gunman’s motive


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The death toll in the Monterey Park mass shooting has risen to 11 people, as investigators continue to search for the gunman’s motive. CNN has obtained never-before-seen video of the shooter and a man, Brandon Tsay, approaching him to try and wrestle the weapon away. Tsay was able to disarm the gunman and call the police. He tells Anderson Cooper he confronted the shooter because he needed to “save myself and the people inside.”

Plus, CNN National Correspondent Randi Kaye joins AC360 from Colleton County, South Carolina to give an update on the first day of the Alex Murdaugh trial. He is charged with killing his wife and younger son. Prosecutors say Murdaugh committed the murders to cover up massive financial fraud that was beginning to unravel.

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